27 Jul 2005 04:12:03
Julien Warshafsky
Handmade Juggling Knives for Sale


I have a set of juggling knives on eBay at the moment, and thought it
might interest a few people on rec.juggling. Aside from the knives in
the auction, I also make custom sets according to specification. Please
email me with any questions.

Julien Warshafsky

EBay description:

"Set of 3 new handmade juggling knives.

These knives were created to address a need that I as a juggler felt
- the need for a perfectly weighted, well constructed, yet
inexpensive juggling knife. I juggle Beard European Special clubs, and
am used to that weighting. The only other quality juggling knife on the
market is the Dube knife, which is ridiculously expensive, at =A345 per
knife, and much too heavy, especially for passing. So I decided to
create my own.

The blades are 2mm stainless brushed steel, the handles from hand
carved hardwood, with steel pins holding the blade in place in the
handle, so the blade will not become loose with age. To make the knives
light enough to pass, regions of the blade are cut out, as in the
picture below. The handles are gloss black, and covered with a durable
black rubberised grip. Quality knobs allow easy swinging. The blades
are made to look sharp, by bevelling the "cutting" edge, but are
relatively safe.

I have sold several sets of these knives on eBay before, from
California to Leeds, and previous clients have been very satisfied with
the weighting and quality of the knives.

I am offering a set of 3 knives in this auction, but please feel free
to contact me for larger sets of 5 etc, or with custom designs
(juggling cleavers, tanto swords...) If desired, some of the finish
details of this set of 3 knives, such as handle colour, grip style, and
other personalisations can be added. Please contact me with any

28 Jul 2005 15:56:50
Julien Warshafsky
Re: Handmade Juggling Knives for Sale

Also, if anyone is going to the Crawley juggling convention, they could
collect the knives from me there, and save on postage etc.