27 Jan 2005 11:00:59
Tim Akers
Re: NNN vs NNN II bindings

The manufacturers have dropped the 2 from the designation.
NNN-2 is now just NNN
So if you saw a NEW boot marked NNN in the store, it will fit NNN-2
and R3 bindings and NNN automatic step-in type bindings, or any NNN
binding made in the past 14 years or so (except NNN-BC which is
another story).

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> Howard wrote:
> > I have a set of skis and boots with NNN II bindings. My feet have
> > grown, so I went to the local ski shop for the next size boot.
They had
> > never heard of NNN II, and tried to sell me boots marked NNN. The
> > seemed to fit in the ski bindings.
> >
> > So, I'm confused. Should I use the NNN boots with my NNN II
> > Whats the difference between NNN and NNN II?
> >
> > Howard
> The NNN2 binding and boot setup has the metal bar on the boot tucked
> about 10mm back from the from of the boot sole, the NNN1 boot has
> bar right at the front edge of the sole. You can use NNN2 boots on
> NNN1 binding with a special rubber flexer installed but you can't
use a
> NNN1 boot in the NNN2 or NNN3 binding.