10 Mar 2005 15:19:50
BCA Masters


I just noticed that BCA has a Masters players list. Just looking at
it for my state, I noticed that I've been playing a lot of very good
players or at least have been playing in the same pool hall at times.

For TX:

Anderson, Cory - Great guy, nice wife, has a nice father.
Bullard, Erman - A machine.
Bush, Amos - Someone I play often.
Cortez, Ralph - A large guy.
Nagaki, Michael - Very nice guy.
Nicholson, Coy Lee - Saw him last night.
Salazar, Joe - Who doesn't know Joe?

I'd say I play with three of these guys every once in a while. It's
great to have a lot of A players I can learn from. There's a couple
more that I'd have to say play just as well as these guys if not
better at times that I sometimes watch.

- Samiel