27 Aug 2006 09:40:19
Smith & Wesson pool cues?

It seems so! I had no idea S&W made cues.


27 Aug 2006 17:45:25
John W. Pierce
Re: Smith & Wesson pool cues?

"Dhakala" <NoPoliticalCalls@gmail.com > wrote
> It seems so! I had no idea S&W made cues.

Yes, they do, but....

They have a safety lock joint that prevents you from screwing the shaft to
the butt without a special key. This is a safety feature to protect your
children from using the cue without your direct supervision. Instructions as
to how to get around this feature can, of course, be readily found on the
web by any five year old.

You will have to return a new one to the factory at least three times for
adjustment. The first two times, they will claim that no fix is needed
because the tip *is* firmly attached to the shaft, even though you're
returning it because the shaft side of the joint is 3/8x10 while the butt
side 5/16x14. The third time, they will fix this, and do quite a nice
looking job of it, but the shaft and butt will be out of alignment by about
two degrees. When you complain about this, you will be told that this is
well within S&Ws specifications.

The bumper will fall off the first time you break with it. After you get it
back from the factory, it will stay on for break shots, but fall off when
you tap it on the floor. Their response to your complaint will be that their
warranty does not cover damage due to you beating the cue on the floor.

As will be clearly stated in the operator's manual that accompanies the cue,
you must use only the most expensive chalk available or your warranty will
be voided.


I was tempted to comment on the S&W NASCAR effort mentioned in the article,
but this is already too long, and not all that amusing, especially to

-- jwp

27 Aug 2006 16:59:40
Re: Smith & Wesson pool cues?

On 27 Aug 2006 09:40:19 -0700, "Dhakala" <NoPoliticalCalls@gmail.com >

>It seems so! I had no idea S&W made cues.

My husband bought one a few months ago. It's apparently one of the
Performance series

He bought it at a local store which I think is generally overpriced,
and I don't know what he paid for it. The proprietress told him that
S&W were no longer making cue sticks, and someday it would be a
collector's item. Apparently this not true.

One interesting feature is that it comes with a tool that allows one
to get into the innards of the stick to change the weight.

He seems to like it OK. I tried it once briefly, but having gotten
used to my Predator V shaft, it felt like shooting with a broomstick.