13 Jul 2006 15:50:49
Extreme Action Zone, 7/11

Excuse the delay. My home PC is acting up again, and will need to be
sent in for replacement parts eventually. Figure that'll happen in
about 2 weeks.

Our show opened this week with a recap of last week's main event. After
"Bodies", Paul Heyman comes out. He makes a bunch of lameass excuses
that make him come off as a minor league Vince McMahon wannabe. As a
heel authority figure, that is, and Heyman's done better than that. One
has but to refer to his GM run on Smackdown (Oct. '03-April '04) for an
example of his best work. He now has a bit of a God complex, and like
Crazy Vinnie, J-Me-L, & Triple H before him, Heyman figures to shove
his new Messiah complex down our throats. Unless we convince him &
Crazy Vinnie that it's not good for business first. Heyman claims the
fans are to blame for RVD losing the title. Bullshit. Why not be brave
and bold and address something real world for a change, then weave it
into the storyline, Paul? Because Crazy Vinnie won't let you. FWIW, the
promo came off as flat, dull, and devoid of sense.


1. Test def. Tommy Dreamer
2. Justin Credible def. Sabu-DQ
3. ECW title: Big Show def. Ric Flair


Dreamer had no clue he was going to wrestle. In a sort of subliminal
way, Heyman was punishing him for questioning authority. Test looked so
good in squashing Al Snow last week, and this looked like a squash at
first, too. However, Dreamer found his rage and mounted some offense.
However, Test had an answer for the DDT, and then countered the
Dreamer-Driver (DVD/FU) by rolling him up and propping his long legs on
the ropes. Give me a break. That looked more like a Heat match than a
typical Dreamer ECW match!!

And if you thought that was bad, "Kelly's Expose" was next, with
special guest star Candice Michelle. Candi's rockin' a pair of ripped
fishnet stockings, while cream for brains has but a pair of white
thigh-hi's. Candi took Kelly to school, and then Mike Knox showed up to
take Kelly out of the picture. Again. This time, though, the story has
a happier ending, and Knox now has someone to feud with on TV in the
Sandman. Knox was squashed like everyone else in the former champion's
path. Best part of the show, actually, until the main event.

During Sabu-Credible, they stressed that it wasn't "extreme rules", but
Sabu would compete under those conditions on Saturday Night's Main
Event. Joey Styles referenced the past history between these two.
Despite the restrictions, Sabu still did his usual. However, when he
put Credible through a table on the floor with a guillotine legdrop,
the ref called for the DQ. That won't happen Saturday, and I'll bet
they'll bring Credible in for the rematch.

Shannon Moore looks more like a punk rocker than he did in TNA, and now
he's in ECW. A likely ally or opponent is Mr. Straight Edge himself, C
M Punk, who explains that his tattoos aren't just for decoration, but
also declaration. He's anti-drug as well as anti-authority. I can see
why people love this guy. Balls Mahoney is also heard from, declaring
himself an ECW "original". One gets the feeling it'll soon be old
school vs. new school, which could save the promotion.

The main event was great. Once again, Ric Flair proved he can go
extreme when needed, so stop doubting him. He cut a pre-match promo
directed at Mick Foley, in answer to MIck's comments the night before
on Raw. Then, he goes out and uses thumbtacks and the barbed wire
baseball bat during the match. Show fell on the tacks, and that
energized him somehow. Talk about superman comebacks!! Chokeslam,
followed by a cobra clutch backbreaker. Show held onto the clutch for
the choke-out.

Smackdown Slappings will be posted on Saturday, unless my PC "wakes up
in time" tomorrow.

J. C. Gilbert