08 Dec 2004 05:19:58
34th of 631

Tried my hand at youbet.com's contest to qualify
for Las Vegas $1,000,000 World Series of
Handicapping. 34th of 631.

You can download the same program I used
for FREE. No catch. Nada.


Why give this away FREE? I guess I'm an idiot.

Really, I have no clue how to rip people off...

Anyway, my programs are always evolving --
I'll soon have something BETTER. BWHAAA!

If you don't use www.youbet.com, try my other programs...

Check out tomorrow's picks for CA. Calculate them

for yourself with EquiCap. Samo-Samo...

Give my programs to your clueless friends. At least
they'll have a chance to make a buck...

Good Luck,
Don't dentally examine an equine orifice!

DISCLAIMER: Steven G. Berry does not warrant users
of his programs or selections will make a nickel. In fact,
betting on horses is probably one of the silliest "investments"
you can make. On the other hand, careful observance of
the tote board combined with fanatical adherence to
Steven G. Berry's selections COULD, POSSIBLY
make you a nickel or two...or not. It's all FUN, though!