21 May 2007 04:45:29
Enjoy your horse without fear of loosing control

Meet Prof. Jesse Beery, who was one of the best horse trainers in
history. His "genius" methods were proven over and over again with
thousands of horse owners like you and me. In the early 1900's he
authored an 8 volume home-study course that teaches you how to
transform your bad, misbehaved horse into a horse that is a peaceful,
easy riding animal that is a joy to own!
Jesse Beery developed the most amazing training methods that he
learned through some bad experiences of his own. But he learned that
the "secret" of the training was to read a horse's character and found
he could change that character and get the horse to never forget his
training. Jesse was getting consistent, reliable results even
professionals at the time weren't getting.
Jesse was forced at a young age to learn on his own. He studied and
researched and mastered the horse training methods through trial and
error. He learned how to train, with amazing consistency, every horse
he worked on. His methods worked so well that he was able to solve
the worst problems that horse owners brought to him within hours,
sometimes just minutes, after working with them.