29 Apr 2005 06:58:16
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Good morning!

Today, Friday April 29 2005, I bring you for the very first time KO
Jim's Daily Double Special:

My First-Ever Daily Double choice at Aqueduct is

Lex #6 in the first with Cluster Bomb #4 in the second

And, as always, I've picked seven Key Horses, six of them Standard Bets
and the seventh a Longshot Special.

Standard Bets:
Aqueduct 1st Race: Lex #6
Aqueduct 2nd Race: Cluster Bomb #4
Aqueduct 7th Race: Chanceux Vous #1 (PP #7) or
Le Rock #1A (AE)
Calder 5th Race: Statue #7
Calder 9th Race: Super Tuscan #6
Finger Lakes 6th Race: Kiss the Lips #5

Longshot Special:
Aqueduct 5th Race: Adriatic Sea #6

The reasoning behind my choices:


To your Wealth!

-- KO Jim

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Place: 39 Fourth: 34

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