30 Apr 2005 09:49:03
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Good morning!

Today, Saturday April 30 2005, we have seven Key Horse choices in five
races, all of them Standard Bets.

Aqueduct 2nd Race: Maid of Sunlight #4
Aqueduct 4th Race: Theatrical Glory #3 (PP #2)
and Heretic #7
Aqueduct 8th Race: B.B. Best #3
Churchill Downs 1st: Flame Stitch #4
Hollywood Park 6th: Indian Ocean #1 (PP #8)
and Follow That Rainbow #3 (PP #2)

The reasoning behind my choices:


To your Wealth!

-- KO Jim

Previous Results:
Yesterday's eight picks:
First: 1 Fourth: 2
second: 1 Ran Out: 3
Third: 0 Did Not Run: 1

We publish only bettable races, races that have a Key Horse candidate
whom we're confident of; and that can pay a good return.

This ninth race at Calder is an interesting and compelling example of
the Key Horse Formula as it works at its best. Super Tuscan #6 was a
favorite in the race (ML 5-2) and would have returned very little on a
bet to win, had he won. He finished fourth, though, behind Hot Zam,
Tour of the Tiger, and Johns Honor, all horses with much longer odds.
Super Tuscan's fourth-place finish made him a better Superfecta bet. A
$2.00 wager on the super paid $9,638.60, showing again that the exotics
are the more savvy bet in the bettable races that we like.

My 223 picks since last Dec 1 have finished this way:
Win: 60 Show: 32
Place: 40 Fourth: 36
For an on-the-board record of 168 out of 223 (75%).

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