10 Apr 2005 21:03:54
PokerChamps is the Best Place to start playing Online Poker!


- get up to 50% rake back with weekly payouts!
No more waiting for that distant signup bonus.
Our CashFlow Bonus Program continues week after
week with no limits!

- PokerChamps is the fourth generation of Poker
software and offers new amazing features you have
never seen before.

The CashFlow Bonus Program:

If you play an average of 2-3 hours a day on a US $5/10 table your
direct payout from PokerChamps will be approx. US $100 in one week!

This beats any sign-up or deposit bonus or frequent player program
anywhere on the net. And the best thing is that it continues week after
week and never stops because a sign-up bonus was reached.

Whereas regular sign-up bonuses are dependent on your initial deposit
and a large number of raked hands before you ever see any of the cash -
the CashFlow Bonus Program simply pays you back instantly. Finally a
bonus program without all the conditions!

The CashFlow Bonus Program is your way of making a profit from being a
player at PokerChamps. You simply collect points by playing - the more
you play, the more points you get. The big difference from this program
and other frequent player programs is that your player points are
automatically converted to cash and transferred to your account on a
weekly basis - we call it the Friday Payout.

In addition to this, your points can also be used for tournament buy-in
and even to buy various PokerChamps merchandise.

The CashFlow Bonus Program is divided into a number of levels, which
determine how much cash you receive in return from your points. Your
level depends on the number of bonus points you earn during one week of
play. You earn points from your own play as well as points from other
players you have signed up - yes, that's right, you can also refer
other players and earn money from their play.