09 Dec 2006 06:50:27
jermaine fergus
The 'Lay To Profit' Betfair laying system is revolutionary

Most folks are too caught up in all the hype surrounding Betfair they
can't see the wood for the proverbial trees. In fact these poor guys
don't have an inkling as to how to make consistent profits from
They flirt from one "wonder" system sold on eBay to the next, with no
clue as to how the professionals lay horses for a living. Running
around circles, impatiently implementing method after method, for all
of one week, before moving hastily onto the next 'system'.
Well, if this is YOU, then draw a line in the sand, STOP, and listen to
the advice of a full time professional gambler.
When it comes to betting online, most people simply don't know where to
begin (nearly every single one in my experience)... but do not worry, I
have got the answer you've been searching for all these months.
How do I have this 'answer'?
Years of testing, perfecting and more testing, all so I could come up
with the PERFECT SOLUTION for laying horses on Betfair. Distilling
every last statistic, form guide and race card down to the system to
end all laying systems wasn't easy.
Codifying it for the thousands of hopeful Betfair profiteers to use for
themselves was the easy part, and the most fun.
That's the miracle of it all... it's so simple , it's like taking candy
from a baby. Its gambling on Betfair like you've never seen before. Its
a Betfair system like you have never seen before. I think Chris, author
and creator of the superb manuals Easy Trader Pro, Smart Money Racing
and The Lay Miracle handbook put it best...