26 Sep 2005 20:50:27
Joe Punter
6 Winners Today, 5 Yesterday, 7 The Day Before, Blah, Blah & so on

Hello Boys & Girls..

Aren't we doing well..oooh.suits you sir!
& we've only been 'doing well' since January!!

Today 26th, we put money 'in the bank' from these races.

2.00 2.20 2.30 3.20 3.40 3.50

6x 10 investments = 60 profit

Sunday 25th, we put money 'in the bank' from these races.

3.00 3.55 4.30 4.45 5.35
5x 10 investments = 50 profit

Saturday 24th, we put 'money in the bank' from these races..

11.20 1.50 2.20 2.50 3.05 4.20 5.00
7x 10 investments = 70 profit

Friday 23rd, we put 'money in the bank' from these races ..

1.30 2.00 3.10 3.35
4x 10 investments = 40 profit

Thursday 22nd, we put 'money in the bank' from these races ..

2.10 2.30 3.20
3x 10 investments = 30 profit

So on, so forth, & the rest...don't really want to boar you...
So, for the last 5 days, 250 profit, peechy eh?

Just think 10 per race profit. 10 races per day = 100 profit per day,
approx 3000 per month, depending how many days per week you feel up to
'withdrawing profits' it amounts to 36k per year, winning just 10 per race.

10 per race too rich for you? No problem,

Why not start with 2 per race & build it up.

I know! You are now looking for the downside? & you are absolutely correct,
there is one..

I am going to prove the profits over the next few days, and then I am going
to request that you pay me 50 per week, (monthly, in advance) for the daily

Fair? yea?

Are you going to have a good day's racing tomorrow? Hope so..

Joe Punter

Ps. I know, I know, you would like some of the above, wouldn't you?
Tell you what; I'll post tomorrow's selections for you,
before the 1st race of the day runs, to let you see how well we do on our
accumulator system.

Will post on uk.sport.horseracing

Don't go nuts now! ha! unless you really are that rich already!
No responsibility can be accepted.
You stake & win, as much or as little as you like on a daily basis.

What more can I say? Till the morning!

Ta ta.