06 Sep 2005 00:42:52
Bad show, even bt Magna/TVG standards

They showed Race 1 at BM 25 minutes after it was run. I understand
how many tracks they have but there was no excuse for this nor was there
an explanation.
Race 3 was about ten minutes late and before showing it we had inside
jokes and babbling from the talking heads. This was followed by
commercials and HRTV bumper music. Even then they decided to show the
final odds for a minute before showing the race.
No sense sending them a message as Magna policy seems to prohibit
replies to complaints.

05 Sep 2005 21:54:20
Re: Bad show, even bt Magna/TVG standards

3 of us raced from the Sant Rosa area to BM and arrived in time for the
first race. It was later than 12:45 PM but we got there in time for the
first race. I think it we arrived around 1:40 or so.
I though it was a pleasant surprise that BM started so late.
Got to the Turf Club entrance and asked if there was room at the Turf
Up the stairs
"Turf Club's full but we'll put you on the waiting list".
15 or so names ahead of us.
"You can go upstairs."
"OK" Snarl!
Get seated at about 2:15 and a waitress comes by and says, "If you are
going for the buffet, it closes at 2:30".
$25 each for a very hurried meal. This was one day I wished I had done
a stint as a waiter because I'm not competent to carry 3 or 4 small
plates with groceries and it was pressure to try and decide what to put
on the 2 small plates.
Ah well, life goes on and we get back to the table in time for the 2nd
Make some bets and then come to the 5th? Can't remember. # 3 is in one
of my gimmicks and at the 3/8th pole something bad happens to my
wonderful pick. I had thrown out Baze's horse, #4, because I thought it
had a very large "For Sale" sign on the saddle cloth and thought I had
a chance to hornswoggle Baze's horse loving public by including #3 in
the gimmick. A stretch for sure but there was 'Hope'.

#3 was inside and gaining on the "For Sale" horse when it stumbled! I
shrugged because the bet was a stretch but at least I'll be able to see
what in hell had happened during the replay.
NO! The stumble had happened precisely where a light standard and
lights blocked the 'head on view'!
#4 ran out but who cared? My #3 wasn't there.
It was a 'somewhat' enjoyable day and I'll get over it. I ain't too
BTW, I don't think Stronach is still involved with BM. Might be wrong.

06 Sep 2005 14:35:17
Re: Bad show, even bt Magna/TVG standards

[email protected] wrote:
> Joe
> BTW, I don't think Stronach is still involved with BM. Might be wrong.

You are correct. Magna was leasing BM and running the racing until
the end of last year when the lease ended BM hired key Magna people to
run things (made it hard tor Magna to try to protest the license on
grounds of inexperience)
The bad blood has gotten petty. Mystery vouchers for live racing at
each track are now good at all Norcal simulcast locations except for the
rival track. On New Years day GGF does not send the calendar to BM.
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