22 Feb 2008 14:04:33
Has America Gone Mad? or Did I Stay Too Long at the Auto Theatre?

Nothing making sense now! Are we about to send a boy to do a Man's job
in D.C.? Morons and Fools for Obama for what actuall reason? The Hag
was bad enough, but she and Slick will soon be gone to that ever
present place of REMORSE! WE just didn't like her! Hordes of IDIOTS
posting Stupidity on the net! Some damn amature fools singing on a Fox
TV show and WE think this is important? Not hardly! Where is the
common SANITY? What went Wrong? The Corporations! HAVE succeeded in
DESTROYING our ability to THINK! NO one actually NEEDS a credit card!
No one actually needs a cell phone! Actually WE really don't need
cable TV either! Except maybe Fox News.