24 Feb 2004 02:06:25
Perpetual Grad Student
Historical data?

Hello! I'm learning some new (very new) statistical techniques that
haven't quite made it into the main stream yet, but have done pretty
good in simulations. Was looking to get some historical data on horse
races, especially if I could couple that with info on track conditions,
jockey, etc. so that I could build a statistical model on part of the
data, test it on the rest. Depending on how good it does, I may then
make a few prospective prediction using the model.

But I need data to build the model with.

Just seemed like a fun diversion for me, certainly not something I want
to sink money into. But I'd be happy to share results with anyone who
can help me out by giving me the data.

Anyone interested in either posting historical data, or getting with me
backchannel, would be most appreciated.


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