27 Jul 2007 07:16:39
Harold Gential
Horseracing Championship for students and ex-students

Based in Newmarket, UK, I am the overseas representative of a non
profit organisation in France which promotes flat races for a specific
public : amateur riders involved in show jumping, dressage, eventing,
polo, etc. One of the different projects we lead, started 9 years ago,
is to run in France a unique Horseracing Championship for students AND

This is for people who have no idea and experience about riding a
racehorse and who want to compete on a specific amateur race (not
under the rules) where everybody is in the same case, on an official
raceday on a proper track such as Longchamp or Saint Cloud in France
with ex-racehorses, "working" at the French Racing school in
During the winter (january or february) they spend a week end at the
French Racing School in Chantilly to learn how to ride a thoroughbred.
Then they have to find a trainer close to where they live to enable to
ride out in between this week end and their race in the spring a
couple of weeks/months later. 60 riders are usually hired per year.
They compete once in one of the 4 different races. For every race, the
first 3, are qualified for the final on the 1st of may on a famous and
popular race day at St Cloud racecourse (west Paris).

Last year we gave a new dimension of this championhsip I mean I found
5 students from Oxbridge Universities who competed and that was a
great success. We are preparing the Championship for next year and we
want to find more students and/or EX-student (any age!) from

I post this message to find people who might be interested in.
Here are the conditions you need to match:

- to be student OR ex-student (any age. no max) from any university in

- to never had any amateur jockey license / ridden in any official
race under the rules

- to have a riding background such as eventing, show jumping, polo,
etc. to be able later on to ride a 7f flat race (march or april 2008
in Saint Cloud or Longchamp, both in Paris region) after a training
session (at the french racing school, see www.afasec.fr in Chantilly,
during a week end, several dates will be determined. The different
dates will be in between mid january and end of february 2008. then
afterwards the best is to ride out between the training session and
the race.). The cost for the training session, the week end in
Chantilly is around only 40 euros for students and 60 euros for Ex-
students ! The cost to compete on the race is around the same rate.

- to weight 65-70 kg, max.

- to fluently speak english or french

- to budget travel expenses to come from their place to Chantilly for
the training session (Chantilly is 40 miles in the north of Paris),
then from their place to St Cloud or Longchamp racecourse (Paris
region) for the race and potentielly the same later (01/05/2008) if
they are in the 3 first of the race you qualify for the final.

We had reports on Horse and Hound (3/05/2007, page 112) and the Racing
Post (9/04/2007, page 14) after the Championship.
Here is the website of the non profit organisation running the
Championship (in french): http://www.france-galop.com/EVENTS/CFGE/gecole07.htm
The pictures of the races this year are here http://photos.yahoo.com/carlos_khouzami

Enjoy your day.
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