24 Jun 2007 00:28:30
Invasor out

Injured after workout today and thus retired. That's the end of that.

Carin - America's Movable Adventure Woman

"And at the top of the stretch a filly is in front of the Belmont, but
Curlin is right there with her. These two in a battle of the sexes in the
Belmont Stakes. It is Curlin on the inside, Rags To Riches on the outside,
a desperate finish, Rags To Riches and Curlin, they're coming down to the
wire, it's gonna be very close and it's gonna be A FILLY IN THE BELMONT!
Rags To Riches has beaten Curlin and a hundred years of Belmont history.
The first filly to win it in over a century."
- Rags To Riches, daughter of AP Indy, granddaughter of the
great Seattle Slew, born to win the Belmont. YOU GO GIRL!