14 Apr 2006 17:54:15
Laura Pausini! Italiay's Best Girl! Class Sounds! Not for Most of You Rap Fans! IDIOTS!

She can sing like Sara Brightman! Class music! Not for those not able
to know REAL Music! Think about it! You YOUNG Fools have been barbarded
with so much idiot tripe! You can't THINK anymore! The media wants
IDIOTS! Idiots who where their hats backwards! Those FOOLS who think
'Reality TV is important! It's NOT! of Course. Just DUMD fools who are
the targets for Verizon , Comcast, Credit Card rip off off a-holes who
won'T you to PAY them! They WANY your MONEY! Just TRY to get WOLFAGIN'S
$$$! NO Chance idiots!