24 Jun 2007 23:29:02
Meanwhile Back in the Jungle....! Wolf without his Best Friend Superman Fends for his Self! chapter #8

The 'boys' in the jungle have had the Wolf on the run for some time.
No whale in sight! Where's Clark Kent? Where's Captain Marvel?
Pylliss? Where is anyone? The Wolf pauses. "How do I get in these
situations? Life use to be so easy, but now??!!! Wolf on the run!
Reality is gaining! Wolf runs even faster! BUT! just in the Nick of
time Wolf happens upon the "Beaver View Health Club for Teenage
Nudists" A good place to slow down and contemplate my earst while
life! Where did I go wrong? I've been reduced to a minor character in
a stupid movie serial! HELP!! Where does it all end? Maybe a little
time with my little friends playing volleyball will give me some
answers. Maybe! But not likely. Wolf on the run from REALITY! Stay
tuned for chapter #9!