04 Sep 2005 21:05:03
Starters orders" virtual horse racing game"

Anyone interested in virtual horse racing game sim can download a trial
version of this addictive game which has had great reviews from everyone
that has tried the game

If you enjoy the trial version you will be delighted with the full version,
that has a terrific game engine that follows being a trainer and creating a
stable from scratch then sending your champions out to contest against the
best horse's not just in the uk but most of the top race's from around the

you can choose to manually train the horse's by selecting which training
regime suits or leave that for the staff,then set up breeding your top
stallions and if you feel you have bred a champion or trained you can choose
to enter the horse in Sopl which is a league created for followers all
around the world to race there champions together.

If you liked championship manager this game in my opinion is twice as good.

Visit the online forums in Sopl if you liked the demo and find out more as
the community is always willing to help out.