26 Jul 2007 15:12:57
The Current Status of Mitt Romney's Presidential Bid; No BS Here!

Romney somewhat in Neutral now. "The Plan" is GO! Win the first 3
primaries, Iowa, N.H. and NV. This WILL happen! But on the negative
side S.C. is going to be tough! 3rd place finish probably which could
be bad for the whole South. Florida is a horse race! Maybe 2nd there.
California Mitt WINS Big! Michigan he Wins! Wisconsin he Wins! Ohio?
MORE EFFORT needed! National polls? Forget it! Romney is not spending
a dime in N.Y. TX IL PA NJ and many other States that don't hold
primaries. Even in CA he has been there only once and has spent very
little $$$! Romney is by FAR the most organized candidate and the
Smartest! But we on the TEAM ROMNEY are concerned about the South.
Everywhere he spends money he does VERY well! Romney against two
BALDIES? He probably WINS and then to the BIG one against JOWLS!
President Willard Mitt Romney takes the oath of office as lib-dems
WONDER? What went Wrong???!