21 Feb 2007 15:16:50
The WOLF Re-Invents Himself! I'm NOW an Author! Like Hemingway! This time I'm SERIOUS!

My first entry in my NEW occupation will be "The Trials and
Temptations of My Best Friend WOLFAGAIN!" "I Knew him Well" will be
the opening line. Strange things JUST happen! this is just one of
them! Wolfagain,I knew him well! A fool for sure! But! He never
dissapointed those who knew nothing! He stood quite tall and was a
dancer supreme! He was a friend for sure! He almost never passed gas
in public! Wolfagain was something special! He was a surfer in Hawaii!
He was a cop! He was anything he wanted to be. He never lacked
something new! He was my special friend. Every day something
DIFFERENT! Wolf, as he prefers to be called by friend or foe lurks in
every man's mind! A better tomarrow! Maybe a date with Ashley Olson!
Everything was possible for Wolfagain!