Breeders Cup
Will there be a BC contest in this newsgroup?

Big Tony~Race Fixer
News Item, Saturday Oct 18, 03 When he was fixing races, Anthony "Big Tony" Ciulla thrived on headlines, going as far as to cooperate with Sports Illustrated for a cover story. <...

if u dont post in the next 24 hours...this group will close
nahh jk ... hell i am gonna start posting OT all the teim. or time..pick one LOL

if santa anita moves the turf rail out any more....
they will be runninh on the dirt, its kinda funnny watchin the races now,(guess they are saving it or thebc..

Totally OT but........
I thought you guys would like to know that the Phil Silvers Show has just been voted the best sitcom ever by the British public. It was certainly my favourite show and repeats are often show...

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Betting plans and selection for Newmarket 16:00
Newmarket 16:00 Vespone My selections that I post on the web are running at just over a 5pt loss after 22 bets in October but there is an even distribution of winners which is co...

Fan Idole pictures
Hi new pics on the web site of Fan Idole enter and click "photo de auch ici" have a nice day

Anyone get mail order piece ..from the LYN SYSTEM OF handicapping
I know most if not all of the vendors...but never heard of this one. Evidently was a huge rollout ..

my granny
Anyone familiar with that horse? I can't find it at pedigreequerydotcom -- lsj7 "Germany is sheerly swallowed up by the merchants and companies, by means of usury. U...

Ping [email protected]
Please have the decency to post jpegs to a binary newsgroup. Anyone using a dialup modem wont be too happy at having to download 1739KB. Cheers, G-Man

corey black is horrible on TVG
some of those other guys (shrupp) may not be the best handicappers in the world, but the are funny and entertaing/ is non of the above..

refuse to bend
This one running in the BC mile? Any one got any info? -- lsj7 "Germany is sheerly swallowed up by the merchants and companies, by means of usury. Usury lives all s...

FA: 1958 Turf Champ Horse racing Pinball Machine

Ineresiong article from across the pond
Reckon racing over there is much like here>>>quantity over quality, or so some would say.

The Magic Box
Just received a e-mail from the Gambler's Emporium out of Cherryhill NJ concerning something called The Magic Box , for horses and dogs. Does anyone have any input (good or bad)? ...

Do the words " TRANSIT STRIKE " ring de bell ?
over and out ...

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u know gonna go to the BC
just realized its only about 225 miles from here (vegas) never been...what the heck...

u know what..volponi could win again.....join
tiznow as repeat winners, really goes to show you the quality of horses is deffinantly down..

Poem to Willie
i wrote this today. glenn c. On The Death of Willie Shoemaker ------------------------------------ Legend has it that when Willie Shoemaker was born, <...

Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Race Tickets
I have some tickets for the Breeder's Cup World Thoroughbred Race at Oak Tree at Santa Anita in Arcadia, CA on October 25. I am selling them on E-bay. It is sports richest day and should be ...

Horse Race Handicapping
After the race in which Cigar's 16 race winning streak was snapped by Dare And Go, Bill Mott, the horse's trainer, was heard to say: "What it came down to was one of the most basic things in...

New Sports Site!!
I wanted to take a few moments of your time to check out an exciting and NEW sports website. We are currently focusing on New England Prep Schools but will soon be expanding NATION WIDE. Che...

stop all of the posting here....way too many ....
posts ..cant keep up

Rave review for Azeri workout
L.A. Times: The workout was 48 hours old, yet trainer Laura de Seroux was still bubbling. "She was floating and reaching," De Seroux said of Azeri, who stunned <...

the nuetered cat-off topic
an elderly woman was telling her neighbor about the problem she was having trying to keep her tomcat from getting out of the house and running around all night. everything she did failed so ...

Large sale of Irish Horses
Dear Newsgroup members Goresbridge Horse sales, the largest auctioneers of horses in Europe are holding their October sales. There are over 500 quality Irish horses for sale. The event ...

Funny Cide to Run in the Classic
Well, from reading the reports, it looks like FC is going to run in the BC Classic. I bet Frankel is sorry he retired Empire Maker, huh? Terri Bey and Ace Frehley the Beagle

2003 Breeders Cup Contest
okay, after a one year hiatus, it's back. I'll repost the rules again the day entries are drawn but here is just the brieft rundown of how this thing plays (for those new to the group) ...

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