Staking Plans for Successful Systems
I'm putting together a new document on the subject at Please take a look on the Staking Plans link and email me thgouth the website if you have any comments or ideas.

the moving finger writes and having moved on ...
the quick brown fox jumped over the lucky moon the stag saw ...

photo of Shoe
I uploaded a signed photo of Shoe up on S.Bid in the Californian at Hollywood at alt.binaries.picutres.horses. TIm Yatcak

Good bye Willie
Shoemaker also used to say hello to me at morning workouts at SA. I went to the local racetrack on Derby day to get a julip glass. I wanted to bet on the Derby but was out of touch with the...

Shoe passes
Sad news that Bill SHoemaker passed away. An original....always available to the crowd and a bit of a comic. Once at Santa Anita he had lost on an odds on claimer (had no chance ...

" The Shoe " in the Winners Circle forever ..
RIP Willie ...

Horse Rcaing game
I have an old horse racing game from Raceplay It features a plastic end with string attaching 8 horses including Pharlap Made by a company in Melbourne can any one give me any information on...

BC contest this year?/Longshot John
We used to have one here but most of those posters are long gone.... Sam knew the scoring system but didn't host it last year. If nothing else, I think we could have a watered down, but sti...

D Wayne puts a big one OVER ON EM ...
Saltire 2 C L b 118 4 5 2hd 1hd 11 1/2 11 1/2 Velasquez Cornelio H. 22.40 10 Spike the Fever 2 C L 118 9 6 51/2 5hd 5hd 21 Day Pat *0.80 6 I 7 FURLONG maiden 2 yr old ... n...

zzzz gone from this group till there are enough postings
to make me return....pathetic.....good nite....

the "phantom" plunger
in my formative years at the track i saw the "phantom". me and my pfc army buddies hung around sunland park in n.m. making about $145 amonth we were 2-6 dollar betters, we bet as a team. eve...

Belmont Picks
As a way of saying "thank you" to all of our customers and supporters we will be offering free access to our members page to view our Belmont Picks for Sunday 10-12-03. We have really enjoye...

days of future past
There are no allegations that any races have been fixed, although some of the drugs could give horses a boost before they hit the tracks. <

Like Saintly Action in 7th at Calder today

UK Horse Racing Systems from euroTips - Saturday October 11th
System1 has no selections today. There are a number of other systems that select runners today and also two Soccer AWAY win forecasts - these can be found at: ...

Natural Odds?
I spotted this statement on Joe Takach's website: >"The handicapping books of yesteryear would >have told you ...

Get your FREE AT THE WINDOWS Bet Book! Nothing to buy!

good English turf review
Website show group one races for free! Small view but with audio as well. Tim Yatcak

beer bettors!
BM Beer Festival is this Saturday! Drunk ganblers!!! ________________ Ken Woodall

have fun money
Want a 50% 0r higher ROI? Handicapping and Betting on Horses can be profitable!! Let us show you how!! Have fun and win money! Check us out...sign up for one ...

Steam horse Calder...must follow next time out ...(today race oct 9 )
The horse was an extremely heavy favorite...not just because he went off at 4/5 ... but because the pools were way out of whack !! Something like 20 times the show pool and at least 5 times...

The Blonde lady on Totally Nascar ...
whew take a breath ...slow slow it it d o w n .....if I didnt know any better i would say she was..................... and .................................but I wont ...

Tired of Magna's Lies
Lies, lies, and more lies. That's all that seems to come out of Magna's mouth now days regarding Maryland racing. On Preakness Day, Frank Stronach stood in the Pimlico infield and ...

calling Rudolph Giuliani
By BOB JORDAN FREEHOLD BUREAU State horse-racing regulators investigating whether a Somerset County man placed a bet at Freehold Raceway on a simulcast race 10 seconds after the r...

turf tyro strikes yet again
Turf racing continues to baffle me even after a month of dedicated study, input from Europeans and the like. Have asked a few from the group but seem to have alientated them.

Good story
There is a good story by Andy Beyer in the Washington Post today. Sorry that I don't know how to do a link but I am sure someone else does. Les

Return on Investment
Want a 50% 0r higher ROI? Handicapping and Betting on Horses can be profitable!! Let us show you how!! Have fun and win money! Check us out...sign up for one ...

FS: 1972 "The Beauty Of Horses" out-of-print 1st Edition Harcover Book
1972 "The Beauty Of Horses" out-of-print 1st Edition Harcover Book I have for sale the out-of-print, 1st edition hardcover book "The Beauty Of Horses" by Peter Roberts printed in Great...

OT - Arnie
Just remember, it could easily have been much worse - they could have elected a politician. Cheers, G-Man

Big P6 C/O of $159,466. at Santa Anita!
Big P6 C/O of $159,466. at Santa Anita for Wed. 10/8/03. Should be a couple of longshots to make it pay good.

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