what ever happened to?
Just a few who came to the big dance and were NEVER heard from again: Into Bucks, Fire on Ice, Time Limit, Carrielle, Marie J, Larkswhistle, Tipically Irish, Vivid Angel, Excetera, Pr...

how can horseracing be improved -bob fritz
a really big long shot! a great q.from fritz. the problem is the dumbing down of america. young people can't or don't feel the need to read a newspaper. they are totally confused about votin...

For a long time folks have talked about how the nag up font can often take the worst of it because of wind. On the West coast that is a rarity (if it every occurs here) so it is a difficul...

Santa Anita par times
Does anyone have a list of Beyer par times for Santa Anita or know where I can find such times on the net. Any help appreciated.

Lover Spy
http://www.spywareinfo.com/newsletter/archives/0903/30.php -- lsj7 "Germany is sheerly swallowed up by the merchants and companies, by means of usury. Usury lives all...

Competition: Bespoke Racing reports and System Analysis
Announcing a new service offering bespoke and custom reports and analysis to your EXACT requirements. Please visit our site for information on our reporting and analysis services. ...

goodwood observations
500k race looked like bc classic workout. pleasently perfect won as he did last year. so what? he was declared in cup. bled. why waste your horse when he has a shot at 4m purse in 3 weeks. l...

Dude ...the time at Santa Anita was still fassst dude ...
ok dude...good dog

Woodlands "Super Roll"
The Woodlands is doing the "Super Roll" which is: When no bettor picks the Superfecta exactly, resulting in an "ALL" type payout, the pool is split with 50% paid out Immediately ...

Beyer on psychology
Andy is a bit over the top on most stuff, but we have to remember he was one of the first to open the world to a systemized (albeit out of date) speed rating system. I have an o...

Horse Racing Computer Simulation Game
Check out this great Horse Racing Simulation Game available on eBay! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2757496441&category=429

My weekly Mnr pick
http://sports.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=SP&action=m&board=18103465&tid=victorvaluepicks&sid=18103465&mid=33 --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-v...

SA strip like stone cold concrete...check out these fractions...
sunday ...Fractions: :212, :432, :552, 1:08 (:21.54, :43.58, :55.42, 1:08.12) Now those are fractions from the olde days !!! >>>>>><><><>&...

euroTips Monday October 6th Selections
I am running 8 selections systems for UK horse racing, all profitable. System1 shows 135 points profit over the last 14 months with a 42% strike rate. I am also offering UK Soccer prediction...

Julie Krone wins 5 races at SA today!
Julie Krone wins 5 races at SA today, Sat., 10/4, 4 of them were in the Pick 6 races, 2 were Favorites, but the other 2 were 3rd & 5th Choice on the ML. The Pick 6 paid $2,815.00 h...

Sport of Kings ???
Am I way off? Seems I can remember when the wealthy were in this game as a sport, not a business. Idea was to have and race the fastest horse, the people who owned these special animals a...

Swamp in Paris
Might have a few upsets with the heavy going there tomorrow on Arc day. Wonder how the choices did today?....will have to check. There is a very good Longcahmps webstie if you just follow ...

A question
I have been going to the races for close to 45 years. I don't recall ever being aware of hoof beats. When a race begins on TV and someone clicks on the hoof beat soundtrack it's like finge...

Trevor Denman and the NBC announcer...both going downhill fassstt
the nbc guy...Tom uhh whoever .. .. anyway he is horrid to start with..but today he was trying to be a comedian. You dont want to know how bad. OK OK it was a real funny thing about A...

Re: Internet "no gamble" law !! U must fill out the form ..tell the fe US
References: <[email protected] m29.aol.com> In article <[email protected] m29.aol.com> [email protected] (Morehits4u) wrote...

Telnet LSJ7
Hi LSJ, AG has been taken out of the Arc with a bruised foot. Assuming the horse recovers in time I wonder if the connections will re-route to the BC. Cheers, G-Man

They want to stop internet gambling.....u must see this and send an e mail
tell them what you think ... http://www.profreedom.com/

Internet "no gamble" law !! U must fill out the form ..tell the feds DONT SCREW AROUND WITH US

Like Decarchy today in 8th at Belmont

Sat Selections

Something you dont see everyday: Frankel has an udedeated one making it's turf debut today at 6.5 down the hill: Watch Em Smokey.......6 for 6 lifetime... wonder why you'd go to the lawn? ...

mineshaft retired!
espn news: mineshaft adios! this game is turning into a joke. survival of the fittess. maybe it's time for lexington ky. to take notice. who's left? there's already too many 5-6 horse fields...

Now Mineshaft is out to stud. At his rate who will be left?? Tim Yatcak

major defector
Mineshaft is off to having a good time at stud. Opens up things. Tim Yatcak

oct 25 breedeers cup
--WebTV-Mail-7882-4785 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit is empire comming back how nos o well i no wear am going to make my be...

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