worth investigating me thinks
http://www.eeye.com/html/Research/Upcoming/20040213-2.html -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. .If once they become inattentive...

Info on future derby action needed.
Bet with brisbet but don't like the odds they're giving. Are OTB's offering action. Haven't been there in a long time. There should be a wide range of options at different sites. How about t...

Crummy Service
I half mentioned this before. We should start a website of crummy places to bet on horses and hopefully they will improve. I live in CT and in Bristol they eat, talk to friends. Slow Ect....

Grande Hombre
This horse appears to be Godolphins main hope for the Dubai World Cup according to recent reports. I was quite surprised at first but then again i don't know what the horse has do...

Man O Man O War
Have been reading deeper into this one's record and if the clock is the yardstick, he was all alone. BUT, there were never that many OTHERS in his races. Have to re-evaluate MY opinion of ...

International Thoroughbred Superhighway Inc - Eric Langjahr
To the Handicapping, Horse-Racing, Technical and Chess-Playing Communities: The family of Eric Langjahr regrets to inform you that Eric passed away on January 2, 2004. ...

Surf south to Oaklawn Park with www.winticket.com!
Winticket.com newsletter OAKLAWN FEATURED IN BIG WEEKEND; FREE CONTEST, 7% BONUS, AND HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE This week we feature Oaklawn Park in its centennial celebratio...

Re: race prediction
"www.DrHuang.com" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > Dr Huang > Racing going well, happy with new version. > > thankyou and keep up the good wo...

Did anyone see [email protected] Phili today????
I saw this horse Queenstown was like 1-5. So I didn't think it was that good. So I bet Squaw Valley 5-1 and lady bell 9-1 both to win figuring if Queenstown lost I would probably win becau...

Wild Wadi in 8th at Gulfstream Feb. 21
Best Bet of the Day: www.bigsamsracing.com

Australian tips for today
Here they are again. Melbourne Race 1 - 6,1,5,8 Race 2 - 2,6,10,8 Race 3 - 1,2,4,5 Race 4 - 6,9,2,8 Race 5 - 1,8,7,6 Race 6 - 13,9,1,6 Race 7 - 6,7,...

Bookies, any stories?
they're mostly gone now but it was fun dealing with them in the old days. I beat the first 5 books i bet with but got the worst of it with book #6. reason: PARLAYS! He would change the rules...

Bookies, any stories?
they're mostly gone now but it was fun dealing with them in the old days. I beat the first 5 books i bet with but got the worst of it with book #6. reason: PARLAYS! He would change the rules...

Bobinski's Family Tables of Racehorses
Buyer sought for this wonderful foundation pedigree source, also includes Stallion Book and Index. Offers?

NTRA Players Panel Needs to Giddy up and Cheer!
NTRA Players Panel Needs to Giddy Up and Cheer! (Saturday, February 21) The NTRA put together a Players' Panel last year to issue policy recommendations on subjects of "serious import...

1986 hollywood futurity winner?
i was at the race, but cant remember the winner or 3rd, thanks.. alysheba was 2nd if i remember correctly..

trainers are like boxing managers
I have often held that studying trainer's patterns is overblown and DEFINITIVELY SECONDARY, if not a tertiary aspect of horse selection. What does the trainer do? He maintains the hea...

I see there's a new racing partnership being formed to run at Delaware Park this summer. www.claimingstable.com Jas

Thursday Selections
10 Races from 8 Tracks http://www.camptownraces.com/Racing_Thursday_2-19-04.htm

Diamonds Figures, seeking fans for our Figures
Go to: www.diamondsfigures.com/ and get in on the action, Speed Figures for the betting enthusiasts to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$....

Big P6 C/O of $179,159. at Santa Anita!
Big P6 C/O of $179,159. at Santa Anita for Thursday. I have a free pick of an add-on Longshot in the 1st Leg of the Pick 6. = http://www.15min-trifecta.com

Anyone need a 15 horse van?

MD Racing
Can it really be that bad?

I was wondering if anyone had heard of the progress of Cuvee since his injury and if they are thinking of putting him back on the Kentucky Derby trail? Thanks

clone part two
The standabred industry permits artificial insemination. IF, and this is still a big IF, there were a process to separate the components of the early trophoblast (a la Brave Newe World), o...

Nailed 2 strait trifectas....
Betting aquaduct today I didn't pick even one winner but did some dollar exacta and trifecta boxes. I couldn't even nail an exacta all day. But got the six and seventh trifectas got 131.75...

Wolfagain back! No more insignificant blather.
Back from tampa bay downs, tail between my legs. Nice track, good vibes. Worth the trip. Lost $. but will stay in the game. This is the slowest time of course in racing. The winner of the K-...

Did you see those payouts, for the FOY. They hardly payed squat. I mean the exacta was 2-1. Same as the win. I bet the zito horse(damn). But to me this means Read the Footnotes is in pr...

Try My Race Appraisal
Hey, Im prepared to back myself and let you check out my tips. Basically i find 6-10 horses a night i think can win on USA main tracks mainly. Below are my select...

I Need A Partner
I presently own 6 horses that I have in training with one of the leading trainers in Sydney, Australia, the 3rd richest Prizemoney for racing behind The USA and Japan in gross money paid out...

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