Poster Sam Piper Going Through a Sex change OP.
Not sure if he is going from Sam to Samantha or Samantha to Sam. But if the first one is right that would explain his FOUL mood and his ATTACTS on us NORMAL posters. We should cut him some...

Eastwood Kissing Up to Lib ASS KISSERS!
Now he's one of them!! Dishonest! Or did the OLD man go LIMP-DICK to appease his Hollywood ASSHOLE LIBS? Is this the Man who worked with Segio Leone? The man who made the "Dirty Harry" tri...

Willy O' the Valley!!!
9th at the Gulf. Unloaded on this one. 5-1 P.S. i know I'm actually past posting this one, BUT I left Bris. 2 minuets ago. the Wolf ALWAYS leaves one hanging. Check Equibase charts in the ...

Never Ending War Against Cool Web Search...
..and other Spyware. Just got done cleaning the "bad guy" off my computer,again! Cool Web Shredder needs to be updated ever two weeks to keep ahead of the Bad Guys! Also the same is true wi...

Good-bye Magna, Hello
I was at Golden Gate Fields on both Saturday and Sunday sitting in the Top of the Stretch where each person has their own tv. At least 4 times over the weekend as horses neared the ga...

Two horses die in crash at Santa Anita,1413,207~28788~2734639,00.html

Amongst all the problems we face as bettors, I am thinking one of the most consistent is wagering on too many questionable races and not waiting for the one contest where we have a very go...

Longshots Today at GP aka Spam by Some!
2nd Race #5 OUR MOMENTO 8-1 Ml 6th Race #3 WIND IN YOUR FACE 20-1 ML with the #11 8th Race #5 Olando 5-1 ML 9th Race #1 UNIGOLD 15-1 ML with #8 WILLY of THE VALLEY 4-1 M...

Frustrating but prifitable ay
Bad part- Hit 4 of 6 on the P6 at three different tracks. Good parts-Hit the Magna 5 for the first time. All chalk, only paid $150 (low for this wager) but I only singled every ...

Place Pick All
This is a CA bet, You pick one or more horses in every race on the card to finish first or second. It is a $1 bet with no carryover. So if no one gets 9 of 9 it gos to all with 8 of 9. ...

Royal Assault......
Has Zito run him back since his return from the layoff??.........Just wondering

Lost in the Fog

[ot] The Anti-Conservatives
The Anti-Conservatives Who convinced the president that our democracy depends on a worldwide crusade? by Patrick J. Buchanan The American Conservative Maga...

Las Vegas...Racebooks
Does anyone know if any of the race books in Vegas pay full track odds, on the exotic,or gimmick bets like the trifectas,superfectas etc. If so ,where are they, or where can I get a list ???...

Las Vegas...Racebooks
Does anyone know if any of the race books in Vegas pay full track odds, on the exotic,or gimmick bets like the trifectas,superfectas etc. If so ,where are they, or where can I get a list ???...

Will Online Betting "LAST CHANGE" Kill HorseRacing??
If someone were to develop a "software program" that allowed online bettors the opportunity to set certain parameters with their bet, would this help or hurt online horse racing betting?

Horses art
If you like painting on horses, please visit the new web site of this painter. You will find extremely beautyfull works. Thanks

Lost in a FOG Future Book Derby Odds
was 250-1 before the Sunshine Million ROMP. now 15-1 Owner has turned down many Million dollar offers to sell. Source: Andrew Byer in the Wash. Post.

The Wolf Starting His Own CAMP,
A place for teenagers to have fun! And the WOLF will have the MOST FUN as an observer. The Wolf is REALLY DRunk NoW! But I will be Sobor tomarrowow and the Wolf will be BACK!

Time for you guys to Class up a BIT
Think Puccini! Think "Nesson Dorma" No NOSE singers allowed! Great opera singers NOW! The best is an Argintine.

The Group Handles LOW-LIFE SPAMMERS Well!
Just don't respond!!! As of now the Wolf is alone in the Group. No big deal. I've spent at least one whole year hitch-hiking all over this great country all by my self. It was in the 60's ...

7th Oaklawn Exacta Box
3-8,8-3 Both are 8-1 on the ML. $7 exactas. Only bet today.

Australian bets for Friday
12.35PM AEST - Sale R2 No6 Tully Spur - Very hard to go past the well bred Tully Spur (by Flying Spur) in this weakish type of field. 2nd up from a spell having 4th career start on back of 5...

Special Consideration for Horses KEPT by Their Breeders
Just makes sense. Mostly I'm talking about maiden first or second time starters. Seattle Slew was an exception and I'm sure their were many other MISTAKES by breeders. Spendthrift, Claibor...

American Harness Programs(pdf)
Anyone interested in "sharing" pdf harness programs? Email me

HRTV does it again
Third race at BM. Two minutes to post and announcers tell us they will go to that race shortly but let's take a look at the next race at SA (20 minutes away). Race goes off, the ta...

uk racing newsgroup
can anyone tell me of any english sites for horse racing

Racing Syndicates
Why own 10% of a horses tail when you can be part of greyhounds and hve a couple of your own racing every day !!!!!!

Pat, not Pattycakes........ot -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. .If once they become inattentive to the public a...

Free Horse Racing Seminar
Free Horse Racing Winning Handicapping On Line Seminar. No other seminar like it in the world (Talk Show Format). To view go to

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