Horse Racing
For online wagering try I just received ANOTHER FREE $10.00 wager to place on the Final Four this weekend!! Hooooo-aaaaAAAHHH!! Tell them Mr Fantastic referred yo...

HRTV Odds Question
They often show identifiable odds on the left side of the screen and odds from who knows where on the right. Anyone know how to identify them? I emailed them twice but, being part of...

Tracks you've visited?
We did this a few years back. Somebody asked me this question the other day, and I was amazed. I really oughta get a life. :-) Churchill Keeneland Turfway Kent...


Why Betting Horses Today is Tougher Than The Old days
This is for long shot players, mostly. First, there is way too much info in the PP's now. I used to do pace calculations the hard way, simple math. Now the work has been done for you. I se...

Key Horse Opinions for Thursday March 31 2005 :
Good Morning! We have six Key Horse opinions in five races today, Thursday Mar 31 2005. All are Standard Bets: Aqueduct 7th Race: Chanceux Vous #1 and ...

Ponies Gambling Sites
Hello Dare! Mister fantastic here, letting you know about TWO GREAT websites I have found for gambling and horse racing! The first is and

Joanne is back at it
"Color" commentator at Guflstream, I thought she LOST the "attending the pace" line but it is CREEPING back in. Stow it Joanne Tim Yatcak

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BONUS EXTRA Key-Horse Opinions for Wednesday Mar 30 2005 :
*** BONUS EXTRA EDITION *** Good Morning! Today we vary from our Thursday through Saturday publication schedule to issue this Bonus Extra Edition. We have four Ke...

the best australian bookmaker
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Greyhound Question
Hello, I hope you don't mind me asking this question here. I realise it's a horse racing newsgroup. In USA greyhound Racing on sand how many seconds are equal to a margin o...

Wednesday tips
FONTWELL, 2.20 Tignasse Itīs Blue Chip 3.20 Irish Blessing -Crazy Mazie 3.50 Walcot Lad -Stormy Skye 4.20 Mr Boo 4.50 Sissinghurst Storm --Bounce Again ...

Horse Racing Seems Headed for Far Turn
Note: Just a snippet from a fairly long piece from the LA Times. Anyone who doesn't want to deal with registering and wants the full text can forward this to me and I'll send it to them i...

Hall of fame?
I dont understand why horse racing wont wait until folks retire to enshrine them. Seems like thats what other sports do. SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) — Jockeys Jose Santos and Ed...

The Wolf Accepts an Apointment to TV Land Board
This isn't a joke. Applied when i saw the nonsense "Chasing Farrah" As a SERIOUS affectionaldo of classic TV they will now take my input before they impose "unwatchable drivel" on their ch...

"When the Sun Shines Bright........!"
Horse players without tears in their eyes and a lump in their gut aren't really part of the game. The human element! And of course it's NOT just the money, except we use money to "keep sco...

free newsletter
FREE NEWSLETTER OFFER Anyone that's interested in the aspects of betting and gambling, I'm offering a FREE monthly newsletter (U-BET). There is absolutely no obligation.

the silliness of class structure
Animals have ability or not. They might be an excellent sprinter and a mediocre router, or they may step up on the lawn over the dirt. THE ANIMAL'S INHERENT ABILITY IS THE ANIMAL'S, NOT so...

UK Racing Monday
Monday 28 March - Win Betting Kempton 2.10 (Top 5) 2. All Ivory 6/1PP (good value) 9. Heathwood 8/1PP (good value) 3. Councellor 3/1PP (under value) 10. Meggido 5/1PP (s...

Darren Gauci
He must be the most disappointing senior jockey in Melbourne, Australia. He has a good riding record but in the last year or so he has really been struggling to ride winners.
Has anyone tried it looks as though it may have some merit

Arroyo's Ride on Mr. Sword
Moving to the front with 3 furlongs to go might not have been smart thing to do. Cost me a bundle! 9-1 Horse probably was the best. Engaging 'Chestnut' was not necessary. Mr. Sword will ru...

On the Dubai Cup broadcast they mentioned this one raced under a different name. How is it that this one can race under a different name Itsack or something like it when running in the Kin...

Roses in May
Incredible win in the World Cup, went to lead, controlled the race, led into stretch gave a couple a faint hope, then ran away, dominant easy 4 lengths.

Elvstroem just destroyed the field in the Dubai US$2-million Duty Free turf (1 mile 1 furlong). Elvstroem was 8-1 fifth favorite. Jumped from 14-pole straight to the lead, led t...

Does anyone understand what the letters ahead of the names means? For example : b g Moscow Society (GB) - Meelick Lady (GB) What does the b g mean?

Key-Horse Opinions for Saturday Mar 26 2005 :
Good Morning! We have six Key Horse opinions today, Saturday Mar 26 2005, all of them Standard Bets. Aqueduct 4th Race: Southack #2 Aqueduct 9th Race: C...

How can you NOT bet this one. The name alone makes me want to bet on this one. Actually has a REAL chance. BB of the day.

Key-Horse Opinions for Friday Mar 25 2005 --
Good Morning! We have three Key Horse opinions today, Friday Mar 25 2005, all of them Standard Bets. Aqueduct 6th Race: Seeking the Ante #9 Aqueduct 8th Race: ...

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