So Far So Good!
Alive in the double at Dmr and the pick 3. #9 is 7-1! 6-2-9 pick 3. Got a $5 spot on both. Can't look. Will wait 'til the a.m. Christmas in August! or Coal!

OT Tribe A Team of Destiny!
Indian Summer will soon be here! In Ohio. No name team going after their 20th win for August tonight. Game tied 2-2 in 3rd. These guys get no respect from idiots at ESPN! YANKEES! YANKEES! ...

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Trainer Info
I consider win early as winning by their 3 start...using that as a barometer.. Of Doug O'neill's last 32 maiden winners...10 of his 18 win early starters are at either...

Del Mar 6f races - Running styles
In the "For what it's worth" category - Been 35 E6 horses in 6F races at Del Mar ... not one has won a race. Might have an effect on race two, where 3 of them are running a...

#9 Horse in the 8th at Delmar Today
Looks like a sucker bet! Jock will be betting on the #7. Don't GOOF-UP on this race!

Newbie Question on betting strategy
I have a simple question to ask anyone who is experienced out there with betting on dogs/horses. I am wondering how exactly an "Across the Board" bet works. For example, if there...

Highway Robbery Tri at DelMar 8/29 #6
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0012_01C5ACED.DB5B2F60 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Del Mar Maidens
In the Del Mar 6f MS races, only 2 of 64 Firsters have won .. d11

storm cat
read stud: adventures in breeding and am curious about storm cat's offspring. who's looking to be his top 3-year-old next year? what about 2-year-old? thanks, matt...

Lost in the Fog doubters
First it was he ran at minor tracks. He did not win a graded stakes. He did not win a G1 Now it will be he has not run against older horses.

Bay Meadows promos-These will really draw crowds
Saturdays- If the favorite in Race 4 loses draft beers are $2 until the 5th (sorry, Miller only). Wed. and Thurs- Ever customer gets a two part scratcher card. The first pa...

Jerry Bailey Disses Hopeful Winner
Asked by ESPN idiots if this horse had Derby potential after horse won. Bailey told the truth. Not in so many words, but! Horse ran last furlong in 14.0 seconds! Bailey is retireing and doe...

Dmr Horses with Two Chances to Win; Slim and None!
1st #1 2nd #4 3rd #5 4th #1 5th #2 6th #9 7th #10 Will probably be out of funds by then. No reason to pick 8th race or others. If you come up with any of these horses in your picks T...

Harry Aleo
I love that crusty old bastard! Guess that interviewer will be assigned to remedial training back at the studio for awhile. Ocala Mike

Harry Aleo
Was laffin my ass off at his response to a dumb question.......

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Dmr Free Picks Today(No Links)
8th Q #6 and #8 9th #5 10th #8 Straight win, Pick 3, and late Double.

Dmr Free Picks Today(No Links)
8th Q #6 and #8 9th #5 10th #8 Straight win, Pick 3, and late Double.

Wager Accounting
'KBH Investor Accounting' is a software program for investor portfolios. Here is a user link to the program: However, the program can ...

Key Horse Picks: Saturday August 27 2005
Hello everyone -- I have eight picks in races 8-11 at Saratoga today, Saturday August 27 2005. To see them all, just register at:

Free Daily Selections For August 27th And...
Have A Great Travers Day!

Travers Stakes Today
X-No-Archive:yes Choices for the Travers Stakes - anyone? I'm going with Flower Alley Bellamey Road Reverberate It's a small field and the weather is gr...

Fourstardave H
No bout a doubt it... Senor Swinger.

Hopeful S
First Samurai will finish in front of Henry Hughes... The winner is... Too Much Bling.

Wizard's Saturday Card
free - full card for Saturday posted http:/

More Pimlico Long Shots Today
5th Race #7 Grin and Dare It and #8 Shifty Cat Both 2nd time starters, 1st time lasix. Both 10-1 or higher. Exacta box and straight win bets on both.

Key Horse Picks: Wednesday August 24 2005
Hello, everyone -- I have five picks today,Friday August 26 2005. To see them all, just register at: My Free Pic...

Free Selections For August 26th
Good Luck and Have Fun! Travers Weekend Begins Today!

Long Shots at Pimlico Today
5th #8 post time in 4 minuets. 8th #7 Neigh Highs 10-1 ML Best Bet. Way too much speed going short!

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