Tribe Rolls AGAIN! Spank Sox 8-0!
Indians NO.5 starter Elerton now 4-0 in Sept. with an ERA of 0.92! Travis Hafner hits a pair of bombs and 5 RBIs! White Sox know their fate and it's not pretty. Very sad. Like a "flyer" in ...

The Wolf Learned How to Drink Watching the 3 Stooges!
Gluck, Gluck, Gluck! Why waste time? Wolf always in a hurry to get somewhere! Pansies and gender confused males named Sidney and Bruceie sip! Wolf and JOHN WAYNE(Marion Morrison) Knocking d...

Fairplex Park 9th and 10th Today
9th #2 A Mazing Humor 6-1 10th #2 Pet Zolt 15-1 (post odds about 5-1) Both horses will be running when it counts.

Please Read--Important
-- Hello, Have two money-making websites located at and also at that have made over $10,000.00 in a ...

Question: Bris Reply Library
Can't get it on dial up. Nothing. Does it work on broad band? Thinking about some changes. Possible problem is I'm still using a Dell Pentium 2 with 64 ram. Might be a waste of $!

Free Selections For September 21st
Have A Great Day And Good Luck!

Del race #8, 20 Sep 2005
Free PP here: Opinions?

download race prediction software
> The RacePrediction program is LIVE updating professionals activities and > allows you > to follow the investments by professionals. > > It automatically downloads ...

Possible Free Tips
Take a second out of your day and view information at:

Really, Really Bad Racing Today!
Downloaded three pps without making a bet. Fairfax is my last chance! Expecting to go 2 for 2 as ALWAYS! The Wolf has UNUASAL Confidence on almost every bet. SHOCKED when my 13-1 horse isn'...

Fairplex Fantacies!
9th Race #2 Throw out last race. Ready for these. 12th Race #3 Breeding says this one will be running at the end. #10 horse will comlete Exactas and Quinelas.

Free Selections For September 18th
Have A Great Day And Good Luck!

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Simulcasting suggestions
Instead of showing probables in the sequence: 1& tote board 2& tote board 3& How about showing grids like we get online...

Suggestions for TVG and HRTV
Tell your host to stop talking so much. I could care less about last weeks music awards of the traffic you encountered on the way to work. I understand the problem when two race...

NOT Joanne again
The color commentator at Gulfstream alive and well at Fariplex? Too much of a bad thing is still a bad thing. Tim Yatcak

Long Shot Delusion at Laurel Park Today
6th Race Exacta Box 5/8 #5 horse is 15-1 on ML #8 should be about 5-1

Key Horse Picks: Saturday September 17 2005
Good morning, everyone -- I have picks in four races today, Saturday September 17 2005, all at Belmont. Naturally. You can see all of these picks at: http://www.key-...

Free Selections For September 17th
Have A Great Day And Good Luck!

New Free Downloads
Hello everyone! After few months of hard work, my site with free downloads is finally up and running. I have tried to create a site that goes right to the point and cuts through all of ...

"My Name is Nobody" Great Movie on TCM 8pm
Henry Fonda and Terrance Hill. Italian western looks like a Sergio Leone film. Score by Morricone! Fonda takes on the Wild Bunch, about 80 desparados, single handed! True story! Almost!!

Pre-Post Picks For Laurel Park
7th Exacta box 2/11 straight win bet on #2 8th Exacta box 8/9 Late Double 8/2 and 9/2 Yesterday I was just goofing off. Today I'm SERIOUS and sobor!

Key Horse Picks: Friday September 16 2005
Good morning, everyone -- I have eight picks in four races today, Friday September 16 2005. You can see all of these picks at:

Free Selections For September 16th
Have A Great Day And Good Luck!

An Actual Story About Past Posting
Many years ago our book used an 24/7 alkie to man his phone as he worked elsewhere. Players used #IDs to get bets in. Two of my friends decided to take advantage of the situation. One was i...

Another dumb promotion
Good news- On Saturday everyone at BM gets a mystery voucher. Bad news-The voucher is not good until Sunday

Wolf the Hitchiker! "Are you going my way?"
Ihave spent about 13 months traving ling on the cheap! Every Hi-way! Wolf signing off! Tired!!

Laurel Park "Pre Post" Selections Today.
2nd #6 SMOKE and CON 7-1 13 minuets to post.

Intentional scratch?
ML has maiden at 30-1 As horses enter track she is 20-1 5 minutes to post 10-1. Horse acts up in gate and stewards order her scratched. Possible that the traine...

Key Horse Picks: Thursday September 15 2005
Good morning, everyone -- I have eight picks in four races today, Thursday September 15 2005. You can see all of these picks at:

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