Makybe Diva retires
Owner Tony Santic made the announcement at trophy presentation. Immortal.

BC-drf picks
Did anyone notice that the staff members of the Daily Racing Form basically sucked in their picks and analysis of the Breeders Cup Races. The main man of the DRF, Steve Crist. I believe he h...

The Diva's date with destiny
The Diva's date with destiny 01.11.05 By Mike Dillon New Zealand Herald MELBOURNE - Sometimes you have to ignore logic. Today's A$5 million Emirates Melbour...

Melbourne Cup opinion - Craig Tompson
Craig 'Clocker' Tompson is the host of Racing To The Max (1269AM), he is also the Randwick trackwork clocker. Craig's thoughts on this year's Melbourne Cup are below: For s...

Melbourne Cup opinion - Clinton Payne
It's on again, the one day of the year that thoroughbred racing captures the imagination of everybody in the country, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, you become an expert on ...

Melbourne Cup opinion - Laurie Sainsbury
Laurie Sainsbury is Racing To The Max's Melbourne price man and form analyst. Laurie has a real following amongst the show's listeners and his opinion should be respected. Below...

Melbourne Cup opinion - Keith Robbins
Keith Robbins was the Racing Editor of The Daily Telegraph for 35 years. Now in a well earned retirement 'punchy' as he's known to friends still follows them with the same unbridled ...

Melbourne Cup opinion - Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis is Bet-Busters Melbourne form analyst, he is also a highly respected member of the Melbourne Media ranks. His thoughts on the Melbourne Cup are: The Caulf...

Melbourne Cup field & draw
Race 7 - Emirates MELBOURNE CUP 3200 M Of $5100000 Of $5000000 and $100000 trophies. 1st $3000000 and trophies of $80000 to owner $8500 to trainer $8500 to jockey $3000 to strapper, 2nd...

Wolf Ging Back to My Refuge at Susan's Frie's Baja Beach!
A whore is a WHORE! Wolf wastes his time downlaoding Paris Hilton Sorry, Just a nother CUNT!

The Wolfe goes to a "CAMP" First Time!
Wolf was a little shy but the "boss" man strighned me out! He told me this NO place for Voyeerers! So the WOLF drooped his BIG towel! NEXT SCENE: Wolf JOINS The GROUP! Nobody seems to looki...

Conserative Money Has Decided Who OUR Next President Will Be; MITT ROMNEY!
This one is EASY! MITT ROMNEY! US Conservitives had made our CHOICE! Romney aganist Hillary? WE WIN EASY ON THIS ONE! Libs go to Paruchute Girl will put in the Pic...

Paris Hilton WORE! An Embassament to US Monied Conservatives!
She had GOOD Breeding! But she's Now a claimer! If anything is EASY to get(PUNUCI) It's probably Not worth very much! Wolf is now the arbitrator of Morals of my own kind! Not one of Sweetie...

The Wolf and SUPERMAN are Now Best Friends!
Hanging now with the ORIGINAL Superman! George Reeves! How was he to know that just wearing glasses could fool Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane? Perry White also in a fog! Always thought it was re...

The Wolf Makes the BIG Bet! 10th at CD!
ALL IN! #8 in the 10th with Fox up! #8 is 12-1! Was just piddleing around before this one. Making sissy $5 bets. Like a WHimp! But this one GOES BIG! If a top jock was rideing this horse wo...

NOBODY Can Pick BC Made For TV Races!
No REAL Players that is! Bitter Loser? Maybe! These TV races are driven by GREED only! Most of these horses should be on hiatus. Waiting for Gulfstream and the REAL Santa Anita Winter meets...

TVG idiots
I am playing SA today with youbet while watching TVG. OK, 8th at CD overlaps second at SA s the show that first with SA on tape. I watched Sa on the net.CD runs,do we see the tap...

Sex quiz with Paris Hilton
She is great! She is fun! Do this quiz. I played and scored 8 points. How did you do?

and down the stretch they come in the SRC
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Free $125 Breeders' Cup Bet
Go to for your FREE cash to bet on todays Breeders' Cup.

Eight Breeders' Cup Picks, Saturday October 29 2005
Good morning, everyone -- The Key Horse community did well yesterday: two winners out of three picks and with good exotics payoffs. For all the payoffs, see http://www.key...

Samurai CAN be Beaten in BC 2nd
Got to hope for real fast fractions like Samurai's last race. Could set up the #8 or #11. Bailey's got the best closer in the 1st #2 Going with Closers all day and against Cal horses and fa...

So who exactly is Starcraft running for?
Starcraft can make Makin a cult figure and more Greg Wood in New York Saturday October 29, 2005 The Guardian It takes nerve to blow into New York for the first ti...

Free Selections For October 29th
Good Luck And Have Fun!

Spinner Theory
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ideas on parade
Any of us ever put forth the notion, maybe we could talk about these races while they are running them? Amongst ourselves, in real time, for free? I just downloaded Skype(not a pl...

Santa Anita/BC Day question
Every year they run th first race at 9:30 and the rest of the card around 2:30. Who does this help? GGF simply has an 11:30 start.

BC races
juv fillie--#7 juv--#8 F&M turf--#7 Sprint--#8 Mile--#10 Distaff--#12 Turf--#2 Classic--#8 Anybody can pick the ...

Starcraft adds wide angle to Classic
Starcraft adds wide angle to Classic From Alan Lee, Racing Journalist of the Year in New York The Times (London) October 29, 2005 LUCA CUMANI'S expressive features still clou...

horse colors
does a brown horse run faster then a black horse? genetically/ statistically, which have been proven to be the better runners? Curious ...

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