It's Derby Week - are you ready?
X-No-Archive:yes Nothing says Spring like Derby Week - hope everyone is ready for the first race of the Triple Crown. Sam, are you going to run the 'throw out' again?

Mel's Swell wins last at $96.40
#11, Mel's Swell won last race on 4/28 & paid $96.40, which helped to make a P6 carryover at Holly wood Park for Sat.

Betting of The Day, Livescore, Best Tips and Good Luck To All!!!
Betting of The Day, Livescore, Best Tips and Good Luck To All!!! Best Predictive Betting Tips, Stake/Odds, Reasons to pick, Customised Livescore and more.. ...

Cuppy Track
What does it mean when they say the track is cuppy?

Greg Melikov's Horses to Watch - Edition 82
Greg Melikov's Horses to Watch - Edition 82 Since April 3, horses worth watching won three races and finished second once By Greg Melikov Wager...

Almost time for Christopher F............
and his fearless Derby prognostications.........Get Ready!!

Searching horse races on DVD
Hello I'm searching horse racings on DVD in a very good quality for racing nights; I need about 100 to 250 races. Important is a good footage Who can help me out? Thanks Wolfg...

Big Pick 6 carryover of 145K at SA!
Big Pick 6 carryover of 145K at Santa Anita! It starts with the 6th race.

Melbourne Cup vs Kentucky Derby
which is a better horse race, Melbourne Cup or Kentucky Derby?

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Betting Question
I don't know anything about bets, so here's a dumb question: Isn't there some kind of a bet where you can bet that 3 horses will come in 1st, 2nd & 3rd, but your bet doesn't designate which ...

Interesting to note that yesterday Keeneland's directors voted unanimously to replace the dirt track with Polytrack, and it will be ready by September. That's the third track to convert to...

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Just checked with the track. The 2006 live racing at AC this Spring will be ALL turf (no steeplechase). The dates are April 26-27 and May 3-4. First Post at 3PM. Enjoy!!!

My bets for 18-04-06
Race Time Horses -18-04-06 Newm 2.00 Chief Editor Chep 2.20 Northaw lad Newm 2.35 Giganticus Extr 3.55 Tom Sayers Extr 4.30 Flotta

Fairyhouse 3.10
Good, but nearly excellent! I had Oodachee to win and Justpourit as an ew bet in that race. So far I'm having a fairly good day. John

My bets for today
Race Time Horses -17-04-06 1 Sedg 2.20 Character Building 2 Sedg 2.55 Emmasflora 3 Hunt 3.15 Cave Of The Giant 4 Redc 3.20 River Kirov <...

US Racing
Is there a place on the internet where you can listen to US horse races live or even see them? Also where do I find information about the main different courses in the US for hors...

Two sins for the price of one
Playing the ponies on Easter and Passover. Golden Gate actually has a good deal today. $35 for turf club, buffet,valet parking (it is pouring today) and program. Usually turf cl...

our free easter gift
use our site free til may 1st make some money on the horses if you like the results please join us later cole

caddymaster 2nd at sa sunday... fish in a barrell
will win for fun at a short price...

monsters came out of the closet last 2 weeks
sinisterminister-front end sweetnourthensaint-stalking look lke they may be just a bit more racehorse then brother dereck, lawyer ron (slow paced, barbaro, et al... the...

Horse Racing Advice Needed
Hi. I just wondered what online sites you would recommend for Horse Racing in the UK? I am interested to know good sites to find out the form of horses and recent performance etc, and also w...

cars for sale - classic cars for sale
The weather is breaking and spring approaches - Nice driving is just a turn around the corner. Donít have any thing to sell and your looking for something special? Post it for f...

Laura Pausini! Italiay's Best Girl! Class Sounds! Not for Most of You Rap Fans! IDIOTS!
She can sing like Sara Brightman! Class music! Not for those not able to know REAL Music! Think about it! You YOUNG Fools have been barbarded with so much idiot tripe! You can't THINK anymor...

DANZIG! Wolfagin Paging! Cinama Paridisio!
A movie about Movies! Seen it it about 7 times. Subtitles? No problem for the average intelligent Wolf! Hard to explain this film. The ENDING with Morricone always draws some tears! Manly t...

good horse racing tips from the uk
want to get excellent horse racing tips from the UK can anyone help me

racing numerology
Has anyone read the book Racing Numerology by Mozan? It was printed in the 1920's. I'm just curious. theBozyn

anyone know where jeff seigal was born?
watching him on hrtv is a pleasure compared to tvg's todd shrupp ( who is entertaining, but alil light in tthe cerebral synapse are"

Free USA Horse Racing Trial
Have a look at our FREE horse racing trial by going to Included below are picks for Wednesday 12 April as an example Biggest Certainty Race Aqueduct R3 (1...

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