Preakness Seating
I'm planning on going to the Preakness for my first time this year and was looking for some advice on seating. The only reserved seats that are still available on ticketmaster are for the "...

Wolfagain's First Day! day at a real Nudist Camp! Where's my Towel?
In reality Wolf junped in and swam EVERY WHERE! Wolfain THESwimmer! It's EASy wolf actually CAN Swim But it's trime to shut down!

Wolfagain Comes Back to his Old Home! Alert the Media!
Spending time with Samual Barber and Men at Work! Barber's "Adagio for Strings No. 11" is special! Barbaro goes on and on and WINS THE Derby! That other group has handicapping contests ever...

a better choice for a small owner, partnership or breeder
"...A carefully chosen smaller trainer who personally manages every horse in their barn can be a better choice for a small owner, partnership or breeder. Since they have a small barn they ar...

Calling all online horse betters
If you enjoy betting on the horses online, please checkout This is a brand new site and we're VERY interested in your feedback. Our goal is to make this site as user ...

there is a guy that documents the quality of the tracks that he has visited. the site has a map which you can click to efficiently locate tracks there that may be small. he has a narrarativ...

What is your favorite racetrack?
Which track do you like best to visit, and why? K.

Can you solve a mystery.....
.....without any clues? Or darn few of them, anyway. 1. The horse (g) was of racing age between 1985 & 1988 (best guess: 3 y/o in 1985 or 86); 2. His sire was popular/well known in ...

Absolute Speed Ratings PDF File
To view the full article, send request to [email protected] Jeff Absolute Speed Ratings -- The Scientific Aspect of Handicapping

Introducing CYBER DANIELLE Cyber Danielle's FREE Oaklawn Park Pick!

Rock Hard Ten
Does anybody know how Rock Hard Ten got his name?

any tips for ladies day @ aintree ??

Greatest Living Horse
Who is the consensus "greatest living horse?" Here are my nominees, in order: 1. John Henry 2. Cigar 3. Skip Away 4. Alysheba 5. Personal Ensign 6. Silve...

Hi all, please forgive my breach of netiquette (posting sans introduction). I'm an OTTB owner -- actually he owns me -- and fellow racing enthusiast, and I hail from Ohio, USA. Nearest loca...

happy birthday to Hallo Dandy
born in 1974 and 32 this year In 1983 Hallo Dandy went to Aintree, and ran a big race to finish 3rd to Cobiere, with Greasepaint finishing 2nd. In 1984 Hallo Dandy won the=20 Gran...

New Sports Technology! WU!
This is a multi-part message in MIME format --=_NextPart_2rfkindysadvnqw3nerasdf Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable NEW Technology=A0 ...

John Henry, 31 and counting?!
I would like to say a big (and late) Happy Birthday to John Henry, who turned 31 on March 9. His longevity on the race track is only exceeded by his longevity on Earth !!

you can bet at luckycyber casino Wherever you are in the world you can feel confident when betting with Canbet that the highest industry standards are adhered to and that you are dealing with a soli...

Name my Horse Software!
I have developed a very easy day to day horse accountancy and management software programme especially for horses, can you thing of a appropriate name for it? ...

Found THIS-anyone used it yet? Please let me know
SPECIAL REPORT: LEARN THE SECRETS TO MAKING A LIVING FROM HORSERACING BETTING! This guaranteed system will show you how you can turn $15 very safely into $157.28 this afternoon......

Special Instant Rebate for CompuTrak
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Brand New Website For Bettors
Hello to everyone. I just found this group today. I wanted to post about a site I recently came across. It is a really terric site and great for Gamblers/Gamers ...

Veteran Thoroughbred Trainer, Spaces Available - Email Correction
Veteran thoroughbred trainer and bloodstock agent is accepting inquiries. Your hotmail address will access this public site. ...

Veteran Thoroughbred Trainer - Spaces Available
Veteran thoroughbred trainer and bloodstock agent is accepting inquiries. Your hotmail address will access this public site. ...

Thoroughbred Registry
Is there a website that I can trace the history or existance of a particular throroughbred that is currently retired from racing? Thanks Mike

FL Derby analysis found this very helpful Good luck!!

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