A Little History about the Little Loser that has been Been a PEST in this NG!
First off he has NO friends! He tried to be normal for quite a long time about 9 months ago. He posted a as "spOOKIE" He's a very little twerp who NOBODY EVER LIKED! He attacks Me because E...

Shrinking fields at Woodbine
For those that play Woodbine harness, do you notice the fields getting smaller and smaller all the time? Fields of 6 or 7 seem to now be the norm, where years ago you would rarely find any f...

FREE Systems and Methods handbook
Download FREE Sytems and Methods booklet packed with winning strategies and methods. http://www.winbet.com/sandm.html

Running Mascara Looks Alive Today at Remington 6th Race
Bad post, #11 First timer worked 47 1/5 early at LAD. Last 2 works kinda slow but both at today's race distance 6F. Not much to beat. Worth a look.

re: saved race records in RacePredictor.com
Where is your saved race record? If race record date is before 12, please try date that month and day swap, e.g. 5/10/2006, try 10/5/2006 after open file. ----...

Give credit where credit is due
I wish to thank the following people for helping me get some decent prices: The beer drinker in the grandstand yelling "you suck" at the jocks after each race. ...

real show of heart
Go no further than the 3rd Sunday at Aqueduct: Spooky Mulder headed between two and re-rallies for the win. amazing. Tim Yatcak

I finally paid off my dept - thought I'd share
Found this great site that helped me find out ways to pay off my $45k dept. For more information on how I and many others did it, visit http://www.tallyrally.org

Info: care and management of the older horse
Care And Management Of The Older Horse By Parsons, H. "Today, horses are living longer than ever before, partly owing to advances in veterinary medicine, but also due to the...

Casino, Poker, and SportsBook
Try your luck - Poker (Online Poker) - Casino (Blackjack, American Roulette, European Roulette, Pai Gow, Mini-Baccarat,Slots, and much much more). - SportsBook (place bets o...

2 Long Shots that Look 'Interesting' Today
No "locks" here for sure, but both will pay well and are dropping down today. CD 2nd #1 Possum ML 15-1 Delta 9th #9 Storm Tropper ML 12-1

10 Gift Ideas for your Wife, Daughter, or Girlfriend!
The holiday's can be stressful, but with these gifts, there's no worries! All under $100 - http://www.tallyrally.org - happy holidays!

3 First Time Starters are the Picks for Today
Lrl 8th #3 Boodeville perfect works, all slow breezes! CD 4th #2 Set Match CD 7th #3 Stormin' Again CD is closing down in 10 days. Last chance for above horses to make real money! T...

Wolfagin Pings Danzig Yet One More Time; The Most Girly of All Actresses Priscella Lane! Wolf just Cries almost ever time I See Her!
Deanna Durbin! Close! And that little girl who was with her Uncle "Bill" Fields? That movie where Fields looses his bottle and LEAVES to plane to recoup his lost "treasure" A CLASSIC! Wolf'...

Just Courious! Why Couldn't Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson Figure out Clark Kent's Simple "Disguise?"
Seemed so easy to ALMOST everyone else! Woflgain confused AGAIN! And why did Britney Spears make "that Vid" but it will all work out in the end, I think. Wolf prefers Lois! as in Lane! Nell...

Wolfagain, Sonny, and Ricardo! Just Another Day in Paradise!
Old cops! always Good friends! Let the Old guy get one more collar! Wolfagain walking in Florida sans socks! 45 service revolver in tow! COVER! a very Big word for Cops! Get that John Wayne...

One Long Shot for TuP Today!
4th Race #7 Northern Blood ML 12-1 Hot Trainer and Breeding. Will be closing at the 1/8 poll! Also like the 7/9 Exacta in the 7th at Remington tonight.

Desert Orchid
A big white brave steeplchaser who won the top UK honours over a long career and always a much loved favourite with millions because of his sheer guts and enthusiasm. He would pull a...

Re: New version 2006.11 of RacePredictor.com ready
> New version 2006.11 > Please download and update new version. > 1. New model for better prediction. > 2. Fix the QLD TAB change time problem. > > FRE...

The Daily Punt
Hi, The Daily Punt is a relatively new gambling forum who are on the look out for horse racing tipsters. We cover every aspect of sports betting and are well covered in most sport...

"Opps! I Vid it Again!" Britiney Spears X-Tape Coming to a P.C. Near You Soon!
Very Sad story! Her soon to be ex to make MILLIONS! When will these bimbos every learn? See sordid details at www.drudgereport.com link to 'Britiney Spears' Funny stuff!

Britany Spears X-Rated Tape(4 hours!) Coming to an Internet Server Near Your PC Soon!
From guess who? Her soon to be EX of course! Go to "She Vid it Again" at www.drudgereport.com Way to sordid to go into it here. Celebrity Idiots! When will they learn? Funny Stuff! <...

Racing Horses
Messaggio in formato MIME composto da pił parti. ------=_NextPart_000_000A_01C7066D.6ECBCB40 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted...

calling all trolls!
There's a new horse racing forum where you can post anything you want without fear of ever having a post edited or deleted. Post porno pictures, cuss, swear, commit 100 kinds of libel, the m...

Thor's Echo completed our $634. P3 on BC Day.
Thor's Echo, $33.2 comleted our $634.9 Pick 3 on BC Day. Our play was 1,2,3 with 2 with 1,4 for cost of $6.0. check it out at http://www.15min-trifecta.com

The 3 Greatest Composers of All Time!
Puccini, Bach, and Ennio Morricone! Time is on Morricone's side as he is still alive. Not really taken seriously in 60's and 70's because of his Italian western's soundtracks. "Once Upon a ...

Anyone know if Sweetnorthernsaint is prepping for the Cigar Mile....
Or perhaps some other Graded Stakes coming up? This GRII winner who ran 2nd to Bernardini in the Preaknesss is entered in the $54K Odessa, a small stakes in race #8 at Delaware Park

Come on Wolf Get it right man
You have Andy Beyer with the Baltimore Sun 20 years ago and say he is a newbie then. Are you on drugs man? That would be 1986. In 1973 Andy was with the old Washington News and later took ov...

Wolf in Love! Getting all Excited when SHE Comes Around! Always Looking for a "Sign" that she is looking too?
By far the most 'FUN' a man can have is Falling in Love! Everyday "Where is she at?" Remember the joy you used to get by Writting Her name? Just a Smile! something to make you think it migh...

Wolf in Love! Getting all Excited when SHE Comes Around! Always Looking for a "Sign" that she is looking too?
By far the most 'FUN' a man can have is Falling in Love! Everyday "Where is she at?" Remember the joy you used to get by Writting Her name? Just a Smile! something to make you think it migh...

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