Ping G-Man At least you are trying! American TV "Bat Man" AND EVERYTHING About "Superman" A Real American!
"Nessun Dorma" Puccin's Best of All time! Wolf has girlie Music in my mind! Sahah!

Who else plays the $1 Pick 3?
I just recently started playing these & even though I haven't won any huge amount, I still turn a nice profit every time. For instance today I turned a $115 profit on a pick 3 at Churchill. ...

Wolfagain Gives Everybody the KY Derby Favorite!
TizWonderful! something really special!

Wolfagain Needs some "Benny Hill" As I Want to be One of the Queen's Subjects!
Everything English! Sarah Brightman! "Are You Being Served" Humphyies and his mother! Great sit com! Sissy boy that almost every American liked

Wolfagain on a Short Lead Again! Pinging All Puccini Lovers!
Hey! Never be Afraid of OPERA! PUCCINI or VERDI! This is REAL Life! Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" no man can NOT Cry! EVERYBODY cries in this one! Japenesse girl is 'Sure' her American Man an...

Some Back Ground on Andy Beyer Before his Beyer's! (ratings)
About 20 years ago Andy Beyer got called into to the head sports editor's office at the now defunked Baltimore Sun and was asked to do the handicapping page for racing as Russ Harris was on...

Haul in $1,200 per night with Sit-N-Go Pro
You can still make money playing online poker if you know the right strategies. The newest and best poker product out today is Sit-N-Go Pro. Find out how online poker players are hau...

Breeders Cup retrospective
For me this should have been a really great day. Unfortunately it was completely spoiled by a terrible track. The further out from the rail on the dirt track the more the horses seemed to ...

Andy Beyer
I rate this guy very highly as it was his books that first got me into making my own speed ratings. However, his piece "Call it checkbook horsemanship"

Delta Blues gives Japan historic Melbourne Cup victory
Aussie hopes flattened as Katsuhiko Sumii makes history with dream quinella:,766 ...

Neocons come out of the closet This is Karl Rove in case ya didn't know. -- Let the unseen day be. Today is more than enough.

anyone have the breeders cup beyer figs?

Pletcher milkshakes?????
Is it possible Pletcher doesnt show up on the biggest day of the year he may be using something he is not supposed to be using? Isn,t it about time we have NATIONAL standard of Deten...

TVG and HRTV screw up again
After the BC Classic they both missed live races at other tracks while the talking heads babbled about the BC races and showed what we already had seen. Wonder if the advertise...

Biggest BC Loser? Pletcher! 17 Starters and.....!
...not even a sniff! Phipps family 2nd and Bernardini loses Horse of the Year! It has to go to Inversion(SP?) the horse that beat him, right? Winners? Not me! But a Great day for Euro Turf h...

Pine Island
What a terrible shame - RIP. Cheers, G-Man

I hope he's ok - looked a terrible fall. Cheers, G-Man

Woman on ESPN
Who on earth is this pathetic interviewer? Aidan O'Brien said that when he fitted a visor to the horse he improved. The woman said that "we have those over here but we call them blinkers"....

Go Frankie
What a fabulous race from a true superstar - Ouija Board. I Hope Frankie doesn't fall when he does his flying dismount. Cheers, G-Man

View after 2 races
Looks like a golden rail so far. Very slow time in the first race and no horse got near the eventual winner. The paint stripper rode his normal race in the 2nd and won easily as well -

B.C. Picks
1st Joint Effort 2nd Wiggins 3rd Dreaming of Anna 4th Scat Daddy 5th Mauralakana/Ouiga Board EX. 6th Henry Hughes(fav)No Bet 7th Echo of Light/ Aussi Rules Exacta 8th Pine Isla...

Breeders Cup sites
Hopefully these two sites may be useful to some; The latter is a blog by Dave...

i have a feeling corey nakatani, is goona make a ton of money
tomorrow... maybe 4 wins..

Ping: POPS
Hey Bruce!! Clean up your email. My returned email says your account is over quota!! In essence : Bush Junta "Tools Up" To Fight Americans With Civil Suppression Bill ...

drf staff selections for Breeder's Cup...pdf file -- Let the unseen day be. Today is more than enough. ___Sador the carpenter to Turin ...

Beyer says Bernardini vulnerable -- Let the unseen day be. Today is more than enough. ___Sador the carpenter to Turin Tolkien,...

Pletcher has 17 Horses Going Tomarrow! Maybe One will run Second!
Oughi Board TOO Tuff to beat in 2M Turf BC Classic! But here's the rub! Where is "Dyland?! Even better! Beat Oughi Board last time. High Class Euro's Grass horses can't be beat by American ...

I am just so happy that Barbaro is getting his cast removed!

12 gr1 winners in Distaff Funny, the ones I am looking at are not mentioned in the article. -- Let the unseen day be. Today is more than enough.

BC Classic and the War of the Top Dogs -- Let the unseen day be. Today is more than enough. ___Sador the carpenter to Turin Tolkien,...

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