1st Timer ROARIN' LAUREN TP 6th ML 12-1 Might be Worth a Play Tonight
Interesting works! Sired by Roar by 49er. Breeding says won't quit. WNYAH FG 7th ML 4-1 will like the return to the Turf today. Albarado up.

One reason why I became a fan of Spectacular Bid....
........was his trainer, Grover "Buddy" Delp. Delp was cocky and talked smack like no other trainer I'd heard. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,916801,00.html

'Capping the FG Card; Including Claimers!
Not real sure how I'll play these but here goes: 1st #5 2nd #7 3rd #1A pass if scratched 4th #3 5th #'s 4/6 6th #11 Long Shot! 7th Pass race 8th #8 9th #'s 2/4 10th #7 ...

Happy birthday Ocala Mike
happy 65th

2 Live Ones for Wednesday Dec. 13.....13th!!!!
Betting $13 to Win on both of these: Laurel 9th #4 Manhattan Moon Malibu Moon bred colt tries 2 turns for 1st time. Ready! TP 3rd #2 Etched in Gold 1st time starter, steady breeze work...

BettingWay Tispters Competition
Hi to all! We'd like to invite you in joining the new BettingWay Tipsters Competition! All you have to do is to register for free at www.bettingway.com and send your predictions! E...

Boboman pays $20.4 in Turf Stake.
Boboman, an ex-claimer wins a stake race for Richard Mandella at Hollywood Park. We had 2 other horses to win on this carryover day for $11.60 & $13.80. http://www.15min-trifecta.c...

The Wolf Tells ALL about Young Girl Friends from the Past
SURELY I Miss them! for sure! I was an average normal guy when I was in my 20's BUT when I hit 40 I I needed to get young again. My last girl friend was older than me! She rejected me for ...

Wolfagain Revels in his Brilliance! NO Player Like him Now or Before!
Obviously, I, the Wolf, will take that statue home as 'Horse Player of the Year!' Famous quote from our hero; "This game is Easy!" The Crowd will go crazy! Wolfagain!!!! Show us the way! Wo...

Tampa 9th #9 Looks INTERESTING! with the #10 to run 2nd
Long Shot Hunch for the 10th is the #3 horses. Nothing logical, just a hunch. Looking for a price as always. Back to Dania Jai Alai!

First Time Starter 3rd Tampa Opens as Fav; $500 Bet to Win; No Place or Show Money.
Would you bet this horse? ML was 6-1; Trainer is 1 for 7 with 1st time maidens. 10% overall. ????!

Why Increase Your Vertical Leap By 6-12 Inches, When You Can Double It?!
From: Luke Lowrey Los Angeles, USA Date: Tuesday December 12, 2006 Subject: 6 in 60, Or Yours Free - PLUS $100 Cash! Do you realize what has just hap...

PING Wolfman
Send me your e-mail (the one listed doesn't work) so I can send you the data on that Philly race. Tim Yatcak

International Horse Racing Sweepstakes Competition
I recently found this interesting site that offers free entry to an online horse racing sweepstake competition game. Entrants can experience the thrill of winning at horse racing witho...

Philadelphia 8th #7 HEY will be Waiting for the Speed to Falter in the Stretch Today
3 horses to vie for the front. All quit in the last furlong. Hey ML 12-1 scores easy win!

christmas gift
annually we give our site free to everyone who writes us at [email protected] and asks for it every fri/sat/sun 4 tracks selections free for 3 weekends th...


speed and it isn't cheap
Speed is universal. A factor that took a long time to accept. I found several tracks where it is even MORE a factor than other ones. When I review a card, keeping this in mind as to wh...

Bad bets
Very interesting article in California's Orange County Register, about California's corrupt horse racing board. Article: Bad bets: On a tainted track [excerpt] Racehorse drug viol...

do you need tickets of European soccer Matches?
Buy your tickets for see live your favourite Euro soccer team: the no. 1 source for the best 'hard to get' tickets in the world. go to http://www.betemotions.com/partners.htm ...

5 Horses Today who will be Running when it Counts!
CRC 7th #2 Rutherienne Won maiden easy despite trouble! CRC 9th #? Your the Mon Big Finisher! Tampa 8th #2 Immediate Reaction Way too much class for these, shortens to 5F but gets home ...

The 'Lay To Profit' Betfair laying system is revolutionary
Most folks are too caught up in all the hype surrounding Betfair they can't see the wood for the proverbial trees. In fact these poor guys don't have an inkling as to how to make consistent ...

Last Post! I Promise. Wolf Seriously Supports Converting to Mozzilla's Firefox Browser!
It's FREE! at download.com and google.com. Totally stops cookies and other evil characters. But keeps telling me about misspelled words! Curses!

Now for THE REAL Story! Wolfagain almost Never pursued Young Virgin type Youngies!
They pursued ME! Wolfagain with a FULL head of hair! IMAGINE! They Came Around! what could i do? Wolf was actully a VICTUM! of the youngies! I CRINGE Today to go in Public! Fearing some YOU...

Now for the Good Stuff! Wolfagain on the Road! Looking for ?????!
In the 60's I spent about 1 whole year hitchhiking ALL over this country! True! Met quite a few FAGS! But as a Professional Hitchhiker the Wolf knew what to do. Don't panic! just got stay t...

Challenge to Cheap Speed Devotee Danzig Tomarrow! sp.inc!
Man I HATE this new firefox browser! Always telling the Wolf I can't spell! But Danzig post 5 cheap speed hores and I'll post 5 Class horses. Don't SHY from the challenge! Post! Class again...

Speed vs Class was Decided Many Years ago and Danzig Knows it!
Can't give the exact date. BUT there was this same debate many years ago! Speed Devotees challenged Class by running a Quarter horse and a thoroughbred at 1 furlong, Guess who came flying b...

FREE Gambling Strategies & Methods Booklet
Download your free gambling Strategies and Methods booklet: http://www.winbet.com/sandm.html

Formulator and Trainers
Has anyone used Formulator for playing trainer angles? There's also a new book out by Dean Keppler about getting the most out of trainer angles while using Formulator. I've always been intri...

Another question for G-man
3 horses ran the Ky. Derby in under 2 minutes......name them.

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