Is it too much to ask...SIlly horse racing rant
Here is the deal gentelmen. In Connecticut, you can go to most otb's and bet on races anywhere in the world practically, and see them live on tv's all over the facility. They also have a...

Breeding! Class! Connections! This One has it All!
GP 9th #6 ENGLISH COLONY Grade 1 Stakes Winners(Euro) all over this one's pedigree. Bred by W.S. Farish. Sired by Rock of Gilbraltor. Trained by Angel Penna Jr. Has several turf workouts....

9th Tampa?
What happened at the gate to delay the start so long? Someone injured badly? Tim Yatcak

Beulah carryover..a whopper
Carryover name pick 6 Notes Carryover date 01-29-2007 Track Beulah Bet type Pick 6 Amount $301,885 -- When p...

How about something new and different...
an actual thread about racing/handicapping. Two things that are the bane of my handicapping existence - stretching out for the first time and the downhill nightmare at SAX ...

no posts here for 2 weeks
what gives?

Ping Danzig..Ping Neocon Wolfie..for your eyes only Excellent video on the Bushkies Agenda and the Death of American Freedoms. Glad I had the patience to watch this more than a few minutes vid...

Just a sad day. So sorry to hear the bad news.

Barbaro just died
Just came over CNN Euathanized just moments ago. My 19 year old daughter just heard it, too and I overheard her say "Oh..." My insides are feeling achey over this........poor gu...

Hardy scalps Brave to set up Festival triple bid (Guardian Unlimited)
Horse racing: Hardy Eustace and Brave Inca's battle at the Irish Champion Hurdle promises great things for Cheltenham. === Just one of Today's Top 10 Horse-racing Consumer News S...

He gets better health care than most human beings. JB

YET! Even More Post the Wolf will Probably Delete Tomarrow! Wolf the FUTURE Fisherman down in DESTIN FL!
Imagin the WOLF posting fishing successes? Wolf fishing for BREEM or Blue gills BECAUASE they taste good DESINATION! By far the greatest place no one knows about! 21% Democrats! 77% Pugs!...

The Genius of Ennio Morricone! Go to click 'music' then type in 'ennio morricone' then to the 3rd picture or link then...
...put on Poncho and dirty cowboy sombarro pulled down and a cigarro lit! look for "LA BAMBIOLA" Translation: the babies or kids! Like I said before the GENIUS of Morricone! NO ONE EVER wr...

Sunshine Millions Day After Thoughts; Big Loser of the Day was US Players!
The so-called 1M classic was an Embarrassment! Long shot winner got the last 1/8 in almost 13.5 seconds! A mile and 1/8th in almost 1:50! Sweetnorthernsaint a huge loser yesterday. Forget...

9th Today at Gulfstream #8 BEE CHARMER ML 10-1
Euro Turfer seems to like it on this side of the pond. Goes for 3rd straight U.S. win. Gets 6 lbs off from last conditioned allowance win for G-2(?) stakes race against more seasoned vete...

30% on your first deposit on BETROYAL

Did You have Blazen Bunny in the P6 with the 3 Million Pool?
Did You have Blazen Bunny in the Pick 6 with the 3 Million Pool on Wed. at Santa Anita? Blazin Bunny was 8/1 on the ML & ridden by Gerry Olguin. Although this filly was 5th or 6t...

An ON TOPIC Q! How do Horses Run 1st Time after Being Gelded?
I'm keying on #9 BORDER CAT in GP 8th in pick 3 and late DD bets. Horse now a gelding off 2 month rest. It would seem he wasn't running up to expectations before. Might run BIG today or mig...

While wolf and his heros are chasing rainbows;;Osama laughs Why are we not waging war on Osama and his friends, instead of staying busy stealing oil and initiating ...

Two Show Possibilities Today at FG
7th #6 Take It by Storm 8th #4 Trimaran 2nd one is my BB!

Almost impossible to make good money from Betfair
I'll never forget what it's like to be part of the majority of punters trying to profit from Betfair, but not knowing what needs to be done. Backing, laying, trading, but never getting anywh...

The Major Problem with Movie Serials!
It ruins you to regular normal movies! 2 days ago i tried to watch 4 Chester Morris Boston Blackie films on TCM. All films were almost serial quality. 40's cars, chase scenes, really bad gu...

IF! They gave Oscars for Movie Serial Actors J.Carroll Naish would Win them All!
What a pleasure watching this guy play the dreaded Evil Dacca! "So sorry!" etc. Brilliant!!

Nasty Pelosi! Something Wrong Here! STENCH Coming throw MY TV SET!
Imagine TRYING to get IT up for this Bitch? I love Ann Margret BUT this BITCH from FAGGOT Friendlay Friendly Frisco NOT! Iminge the WOLF in hell? an all I have NASTY Pelosi? Wolf is truly ...

Get Aquainted with the Wolf! Tuff as Nails! Imagine Sissy Cali Libs who Can't Fight or Wont Fight!
then AGAIN! Image the Wolf! Seriously Fearless! No cali wimps here! C.O.P.s those are my buddies like a fraturnity! Wolf WANTS ONE MORE Gig! Drug Goons running Rampant! Wolf gives Sonny and...

Google Up 'Photos' Destin Florida! To see the the Wolf's New Digs!
Try Web then 'Destin' photos! The Wolfs PARADISE! For 9 plus months this is all I have been thinking of, Got to get to Destin Florida!! Imagine the Wolf Fishing almost every day? ...

The Wolf FINALLY Got the Call from Destin Fl! 30 days Wolf goes to Ft.Walton Beach -Destin Florida!
the Wolf might not make it to heaven, it's in debate for sure, 'cause of my attraction to teenies! though it's just my fanticies NOT REALITY! Wolf NOW listening to Pucini's aria Nesum Dorma...

Movies!? The Academy Awards? Who Really wants to see a Sorry Collection of Modern Girly Men Parading on MY TV Screen?!
Little tommie cruise? matt damon? leonardo deCreepio with his mother in tow? WHERE are the MEN? Bogart! Cooper! Wayne! GABLE! What happened? Clint has gone 'soft' Girly boy Redford is showi...

Movies!? The Academy Awards? Who Really wants to see a Sorry Collection of Modern Girly Men Parading on MY TV Screen?!
Little tommie cruise? matt damon? leonardo deCreepio with his mother in tow? WHERE are the MEN? Bogart! Cooper! Wayne! GABLE! What happened? Clint has gone 'soft' Girly boy Redford is showi...

Time Out on the Horses Today; Wolf Retreats to Miami Jai Alai
$3 Q bets will be the order of the day while I take a rest from the Ponies this afternoon.

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