Long Shot of the Day
PRM 6th INSTANT ATTRACTION ml 12-1 Might run second to the #11.

"As of May 3rd the Following Tracks will be Unavailable to Brisbet Account Wagering"
CRC, both Jersey tracks, Hollywood, LA, Belmont, AP til mid Aug. PRM, EMD. This doesn't appear to be Brisbet's fault but TVG and the above noted tracks signed contracts which have to be hon...

new respect for the gate crew
This weekend I was allowed to go out behind the gate and photograph the gate crew. They have to be one brave bunch of guys with all the kicking and quick moves they are thrown. ...

Horse racing's top 100 moments
Has anyone read this great book? I just stared to read it and it's quite facinating. Connyli1 Horse Racing's Top 100 Moments Blood-Horse Some of ...

Lone Star 7th DIAMOND FROST Stretches Out in 1 Mile Allowance Race
Closed last race 1/8th in 12 seconds flat in winning sprint. Breeding says he goes on today.

Barbaro-RIP-a video remembrance
http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=DC3AAAF6-2C88-43A9-8778-FE892C2A3CE3&t=c150&f=06/64&p=hotvideo_m_edpicks&fg=>1=9246 ...a dart to the heart. -- When people are en...

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3 Day P6 carryover of 1.48 Million at Hollywood
It starts with the 4th race today. http://www.oddsanalyzer.com

2 Year Olds 75K Stakes at 4 1/2 F Sunland 12th
8-5 Fav in the 1 post. Second race for most of the field. Pick is #9 BLOOMING PLEASURE 6-1 ml. Checked going 4 1/2 but still won in about 1 sec slower than the Fav. Inexperienced horses oft...

Kentucky Derby
Exacta Box: Any Given Saturday Great Hunter Street Sense http://www.UncleClyde.com

I'm surprised there has been so little comment on Brisbets decision to join with Churchill and MAGNA, I thought this was monumental. As a long time and satisfied BRIS customer I am no...

Even Ocala Mike might Vote for MITT ROMNEY, Maybe the FIRST Presidential Candidate that just Might Be OVER QUALIFIED!
Hey Hillary Lovers! Say the words "Commander in Chief Hillary? Commander in Chief !Imagine? NEVER EVER! Wolf NOW exits the stage!

Imagine Hemingway and Wolfagain, Two Great Authors Drinking in Key West Together?
THE VERY TWO BEST OF ALL TIME! Even though the Wolf's tome has yet to be published. The BEARDED one invites the WOLF down to to Cuba to go for "THAT" Marlin! Once again! Of Course WOLF acce...

There is NO EXIT Date for The Wolf! I'm Here for the Duration! Delusional Fantasies! The Norm!
Wolf will SOON to release my first tome! "Why I Didn't Get On that Roller Coaster" by Wolfagain. The prelude IS! 'Cause I Always End Up Back Where I Started!" Nothing about nudist camps he...

The Wolf Reports from the Emerald Coast; It's Not Paradise But I'm Getting CLOSE!
Many a transverse! Wunderlust! Always want to be somewhere ELSE! Maybe Miami Beach in the 50s! That would work for sure! Vegas in the early 60's just to see the Rat Pack! But THIS place is ...

toughest race in the world
http://www.pardubice-racecourse.cz/obstacles/ The Grand Velka Pardubice Steeplechase held every October in the Czech Republic....One fence there called the Taxis is outrageous....cons...

the back stretch
If you ever get the chance, contact the racing organization near you (preferably a trainer or vet) and ask them if you can visit the backstretch early in the morning. Few people...

good advice from Mike Pizzolla
He uses a little mnemonic to give 4 reason why one should delve deeper than the last line of the past performances and it is worth remembering. LAST Layoffs and their patterns

Football Trading Profits
If have been betting even a week, then you know real well how important it is to have "solid" and "proven" strategies that work!...If you want to win as a punter! But Please: When it co...

Derby trivia
1) what was the lightest and heaviest weights carried in the Derby? Weight were not standardized until Paul Jones 1920 2) three colts who ran under 2:00 minutes were? 3) On...

no decision yet on type of surface at Anita
FROM the Blood Horse: During a teleconference for the Breeders' Cup announcement, Sherwood Chillingworth, Oak Tree's executive vice president, said he expected the synthetic track to be po...

how to report pedigrees
In standard nomenclature, then they are easier to understand and locate Affirmed Exclusive Native - Won't Tell You by Crafty Admiral Spectacular Bid Bol...

So. what is "speed" ?
Have to admit to a deep scepticism over terms which seem to mean different things to different people, although it seems to go unnoticed most of the time, So what is 'speed ' as used...

Movies for the wolf
Just finished watching the movie that Dillinger went to in Chicago the night he was killed. Gable, Myrna Loy and William Powell..Manhattan Melodrama. Plot wiggles around a coat which when ...

is hollywood parks linemaker high?
just picked up a form looking at the 4th race 32,000 mdn clm 1 1/16 vidclip finished 2nd at a mile beaten 11/4 length at basically the same route 1mile at santa anita 3 weeks ago ...

anyone here like horses?
Amid all the fornication, has anyone watched the Ky. Derby preps, and came to like any of this year's 3yo crop? I like Dominican myself.

Brisbet breaks the bad news
This is a fluid situation, and one that could change significantly in the coming weeks and months. But as of the time of this writing, effective on May 3, the following racetracks wi...

horses for courses
In Southern California, a group of us noted that a few nags only won at Santa Anita and never at Del Mar or Hollywood. Same horses, same trainers, same tracks or were they? That seemed a my...

by example
NADA Well sure, or one could fuck off, if one wasn't a pathetic old goat spending his golden years past posting winners in an attempt to impress strangers in usene...

Would be interesting to take a poll
Some people actually discuss Horse racing here: various aspects of it on a philosophical level based upon their perceptions and experiences. Many show themselves to have what it takes to dis...

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