Going to the the track? Why bother
Went to Bay Meadows for simulcasting today. Gates were supposed to open at 10. At 10:05 nothing his happening and the lady at the booth says she can not let us in until she gets the ok....

Two Box Car Horses Today at Delaware NO LINK Needed!!!!!
Del 8th LEMON DROP MOM 12-1 making second turf start Del 9th PHAT ROB 15-1 last out maiden winner will be overlooked today and lite up the board! Win and DD bets. Turf off at Colonial! ...

Lava Man runs today at Hollywood, 6/30
See if Lava Man or Citronade are Locks to Win. both run this weekend at Hollywood Park. http://www.oddsanalyzer.com

Small "g" Wayne, JimS. Al & W.
Must have missed your posts...no selections from the experts today (or for that matter, any other day)?

results 06/28 and selections 06/29
06/28 scratch at Arlington left 4 bets which returned $13.50 PLUS $5.50 for day. 4 day total 37 bets ($74.00) returned $75.30 PLUS $1.30 Selections 06/29: LAD RACE 4....#1 WI...

Be Like Spy Smasher! Toughest Man of ALL Time! Never Flinched! Never showed Fear! Never forgot his MISSON!
HE WAS SPY SMASHER! America's HERO! No other pretenders need apply! He was my BROTHER! I have taken up the Mantel of his cause. Yet NOT the Man he was.But I will prevail on to ELIMINATE Ever...

Wolf Finally Buys a Cape! Too Long the Fool without the Proper Attire to Fight the REALLY Bad Guys!
Cape and Mask required! For EVERY Occasion! Wolf Retreats back to Morricone!

Yet Again the Wolf Contimplates his 'End of Days' Scene or When it's time to Exit Stage RIGHT!
My days are fewer than yesterday! I'm now down to ONLY 21 years, 11 months and 23 days! It saddens me much that at that time their will be NO MORE posts! No more Baseball games to watch! No...

Un-Documented Aliens Totally Confused are Spamming this NG! Niether can Read or Understand What NG to Spew their STUPID Spam and ETC!
12 Million SPAMMERS! HELP! Never have SO MANY Caused such Anguish to SO few! Wolf heading for THE Border of Mexico! Doubt if any one is there! My own EVERYTHING! Wolf will be Supreme Exault...

http://www.charloteweb.com/divas/cher.html Fenice, La (2008) (nella produzione) Amore e virt=F9 (2008) (pre- produzione).... Atlantes "Rivestire di ferro la strada,, (2008) (mini) serie...

06/27 results and 06/28 selections
06/2716 bets ($32.00) returned $22.60 MINUS $9.20 for day. 3 day total 33 bets ($66.00) returned $61,80 MINUS $4.20 06/28 selections Belmont Race 1.....#3 win and place Arlin...

Jack Benny Goes to the Races
go to www.archive.org/details/JackBenny19541955

Nude della squadra nella colpa dell'acquazzone esso
http://www.charloteweb.com/divas/jane-wyman.html Keisha interno profondo (1995) (v) (come Fefe) Programma 69 da spazio esterno (1993) (v).... Membro Nude della squadra nella colpa dell'...

results 06/26 selections 06/27
There were 7 bets and one hit at Churchill Race8..#8 paid $26.00....$26.00 - $14.00 = +$12.00...2 day total... return $39.20....17 bets $34.00...+$5.20 Selections for 06/27 Churchi...

Maiden(?) PARIS JAIL BAIT Running Tonight in 3rd at Indiana!
Considering this horse was named 3 years ago I find this quite funny! Not a pick, just silly info.

06/25 Results and 06/26 Selections
06/25 had 10 bet total in a combination of either win only, place only and win/place...Colonial Race8 paid $8.00 to win And Delaware Race1 paid $2.80 win, $2.40 place...total return $13.20 -...

Still no selections...
from the deadwood;small "g" (gonads?) Wayne, Dumbo er, Jim S., Al and W. ? Probably, too busy pontificating to swing into action. You know how it is with critics; no can do! Anyway, His...

Meanwhile Back in the Jungle....! Wolf without his Best Friend Superman Fends for his Self! chapter #8
The 'boys' in the jungle have had the Wolf on the run for some time. No whale in sight! Where's Clark Kent? Where's Captain Marvel? Pylliss? Where is anyone? The Wolf pauses. "How do I get ...

20 Free Jack Benny TV Show on YouTube! Look for Frank Nelson to STEAL Every Scene! And Mel Blanc! Brilliant Humor! Timeless!
Just go to youtube.com and ask!

EVERY Morning One More Jack Benny Radio Show! Wolf Wakes all Too soon to Hear Classic Jack Benny!
BECAUSE it's FUNNY! A Little info about Jack! Just a REALLY Nice Man! Really wasn't much of a joke teller or a REAL stand up comedian! George Burns was his life long best friend. And both of...

When Everything Goes Wrong! Do Like Zorba the Greek! Have a Time out then LAUGH at your FOOLISHNESS! Then have a Drink and DANCE!
Many a lesson garnered from CLASSIC Characters! Enjoy the SHOW! Classic line from said mentioned movie, "Any time an unmarried woman sleep's alone it's an INSULT to all Men!" For Danzig my ...

2 Exacta Boxes for Sunday
CLN 7th GIZMO MAN 12-1 with SOLOMAN'S SONG 3-1 WO 8th DAAHER 15-1 with JIGGS COZ fav 8-5

Queen's Plate, 148th running today at Woodbine, 6/24
North America's oldest continuously run Stake. This race may qualify for Secret Play #1 or #3. It is a Million dollar Purse. http://www.oddsanalyzer.com

Invasor out
Injured after workout today and thus retired. That's the end of that. Bummer. -- Carin - America's Movable Adventure Woman "And at the top of the stretch a filly is ...

get a load of this Ascot hat
http://www.homebased2.com/forums/showthread.php?p=64212#post64212 Anti-smoking campaign? Tim Yatcak

Two for Saturday; 3 if you Want a 4-5 Fav
CBY 3rd CAROLINA MIST 6-1 1st timer gets the call here. PHA 9th SYD N CARLY'S ROSE 9-2 Easy mdn winner try's to make it 2 for 2. Also pick but No bet DEL 9th ONE SURE THING ml 3-1 but...

Night of the Lepus Four Days to Furnace Hill Won't It Ever Be Morning Search in a Windy City
http://www.charloteweb.com/links/donation8.html The Macahans (1976) (TV) .... Farmer "Ghost Story" .... Wolfman (1 episode, 1973) ... aka Circle of Fear (USA: new title) - The ...

good show wolfie
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0027808/ George Raft as Enrico Scaffa......an immigrant who made good....Catch it if you can. Tim Yatcak

Three Free Movie Serials Complete on YouTube! Why Waste Your time in the Real World of Reality?!
Up are "The Crimson Ghost" "Mysterious Dr. Satan" and "The Lone Ranger rides Again" also a 5 chapter entry of "Superboy" Complete with a very pretty young girl! Teen for sure. Also on YouTu...

Wolf Finally Orders the Movie Serial "Panther Girl of the Congo" Along with 14 other Serials!
Will give a review of 'Panther Girl' after I've seen it, but it has something to do about a pretty cauk(euro) girl in the jungle being pursued by hordes of uncivilized natives who want her ...

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