Imagine THE WOLF at an Indianana Nudist Camp? walking around wirh towel covering my "boys"
the WOLF can SWIM like fish!! when I HAVE TOO! But in Truth The Wolf just went there to See NAKED GIRLS! Wolf sans clothes NO Problem! The WOFE SWIMS!

the Wolf Contiplates The First Nudie Movie Serial!
a Big busted Girl starts to loosen her bra! Continued in the Next chapter! 3 teenies enter the BEAVER VIEW HEALTH CLUB for TEENAGE NUDISTS! What's Next? Drop another quarter in the slot to ...

Danzig or Tim Read!
Please explain you're errant post where you said "Cinema Paradiso" was in the top 15% What an INSULT! To All devotees of Films about LIFE! REPENT from such errant Foolishness and Watch the ...

And the Subject was NOT Roses! Wolf on an Easy Lead Again! Movie Cliffhangers!
Maybe it was something I said? But today's lesson is about 40's Movie Serials mostly by Republic Pictures! Wolf has Transversed yet again to a better time when WE had HERO'S and VILLAN'S! or...

Fire Flame Flick Shagswell Contemporary Western Flick Shagwell Flick

Hollywood Park 2nd Time Starter
4th TOVAR #9 Sprint to route, dirt to turf, jock switch, Might surprise today at about 8-1

1995 Sooner 6 Horse Trailer for sale by owner
1995 Sooner 6 Horse Trailer for sale by owner Aluminum Goose Neck asking $13,700 O.B.O located in central Illinois, USA 7' foot inside clearance height 8' high, 9'...

Horse Betting systems
One very good system is to have a home track that you know and understand... Another system is to keep track of the top horses so that track location does not matter... A s...

Caprice des cigognes, Le Twin Sitters (1994) .... Lolita Street of No Return (1989) .... Celia

Track variant is a flawed concept
It may be convenient to use a track variant, but many factors beyond surface impact final time. A slow pace on a fast surface will offset, for example. Proper speed figures (or power...

History Again Repeats It's Self at Colonial
For the last 3 years big NY trainers get SQUAT in CLN Stakes Races. Last 2 years Pletcher couldn't get a win here with his top horses and didn't show this year. Yesterday Nick Bianacani got...

My Contest Results
Day 2: 4-0-2 for a return of $9.00. Total for the two days: 10-0-4 for a return of $17.20. $40.00 out and $17.20 in = loss of $22.80. SECONDITIS! I was always known as th...

Do Horse Racing Betting Systems Work?
Horse Racing Betting Systems - Do they Work? There are lots of so called Horse Racing betting systems out there. Few betting systems deliver on what they promise. The majority of ...

2 Day 10 Race Contest Saturday's Picks
I have 4 "live" picks left, so will post these along with a couple of alternates, if scratches: CRC Race 1 - WILD DUST BEL Race 8 - MISS SHOP HOL Race 3 - BUCK TUDDY BUCK

First Day of Contest Mostly a DUD!
Nothing too brag about for sure! Embarrassing for me. No excuses. Actually didn't bet the last three picks. McPEP's sorry performance ruined my confidence for my other picks. 5 more today w...

How does one have a contest when only one side shows up? WINNER BY DEFAULT is about to be announced.

The Wolf Transverses to a Better Time: re: High Class Rock MUSIC! QUEEN!
Even then! Someone saw it or maybe HERD it! Bach and Beetovan were BACK! Queen! The best for sure to this old warrior. MOODY BLUES Also! CHICAGO! the BEST! 5th Dimention! Earth Wind and Fir...

Still Plenty of Time to Enter Contest! All Welcomed!
As of now Simplythebest is poised to PLACE in 2 player field. That's too good of a showing by my account. Lets get 2 more in and see if we can keep him off the board!

Al, Jim S. , W. small "g" Wayne
No contest posts, yet. Ignorant, no talent, whimpering cowards? You decide. Goodnight small "g" Wayne wherever you are.

2 Day 10 Race Contest Friday's Picks
CLN 1st McPEP CLN 4th PRIVATE CITY CLN 7th TAX RULING CLN 8th FIVE BY FIVE CLN 8th KING HENNESSY Results based on $2 win and $2 place R.O.I. OK? if not let me kno...

Stock up on chicken feed...
I hear the contest no shows (Al, W. Jim S. and small "g" Wayne) are big eaters. Goodnight small "g" Wayne, wherever you are.

Saturday's Colonial Downs Card is the Best Ever for Track!
Top racing card in the country to attract big connections from NY and CD. Most unusual when you consider Colonial is 3rd rate track. But many consider their turf course the best in the cou...

Gallant Bloom/Nouble??
Did these two horses ever race against each other? Any info about the race if they did? Thanks, Ron ([email protected])

Welcome my small website
Welcome my small website china luohe

Wouldn't be a contest without..
that big time horseman and trainer, Jim S. or if you prefer, Jimbo S. Would be nice to see one of those manure sifting and sniffing readings in action

And will small "g" participate...
in this contest or any contest for that matter? Of course, not! He's a commentator and he believes all wait with baited breath for his observations. Wadda schmuck! Goodnight "g" Wayne w...

The dopey simply best...
Where are you? Miss your incoherent, laughable comments. Not often I meet one so readily willing to play the complete and utter fool but of course, that comes naturally to you. Has the ice ...

Stop the horse slaughtering, breed responsibly thank you~~~

The WOLE Now Looking for That Dark Theatre to Watch Moving Images Whatever!
Had too many beers! Tomarrow! I will learn to spell that elusive word ;tomarrow; Tomarrow will be BETTER!

The Maeistro! The Genius of OUR Time! Ennio Morricone!
SO Blessed! The Maeistro is with us now! Imagin those days of Yor when BACH was there? When Pucinni was there? Beethovan? Mozart?! But those where days past. Now WE have maybe the greatest c...

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