Clenbuterol Abuse

Confused! Why Can't You LIBS Fiight? Homo "Marrige" Why be SO Sissy Types?
The WOLF has no FEAR! Let them ALL take a poke at ME! I can FIGHT! Imagin the Wolf and Pencil m eck Dennis Kucinich in a FIGHT? How about The Wolf and Dingy? Wolf vs Jowls Clinton?

Serious! The Wolf's New Maid! Little 17 Year Old Blond Cutie! Why Me?
Why have I to be ALWAYS Tempted? Cheerleader in my apt! HELP!

The Wolf Minus Cape! An Expose of Kane Richmond for Sure!
Some have suspected my REAL name was Kane Richmond? They were RIGHT! NO serial efficionandodos need dispute! I WAS THERE! when Bad goons were having fun! But NOT for long! Wolfagain was Sec...

The Wolf Minus Cape! An Expose of Kane Richmond for Sure!
Some have suspected my REAL name was Kane Richmond? They were RIGHT! NO serial efficionandodos need dispute! I WAS THERE! when Bad goons were having fun! But NOT for long! Wolfagain was Sec...

The Wolf! Never to Watch a Real Movie Again! Serials ONLY!
Tried to watch a Gary Cooper Movie this day but NOTHING happened! No chases! No Fisticuffs! No Snarling Super Bad Guys to be seen! Where was the Fire Pit! Where was the Wind Tunnel of Doom?...

Great Book on Current Politics! "Crazies on the Left; Wimps on the Right" by Bernie Goldberg
The Wolf agrees! TOTALLY!!!

Funny Cide
Retired after going out on a victory. Classy

Delaware Park Picks Saturday
3rd TRUE CAUSE Euro turfer makes first U.S. Start. 4th #9 NOW OR NEVER and #11 BRONZE something? both first timers running without lasix ???! Not sure if this is good or not so good?

Todd Pletcher ?
Anyone know if he is kin to the Pletchers that raced standardbreds ? This was in the 60s or 70s..I believe they were from Il.. thanks <html> <body bgcolor="white" text="b...

Lone Star 1st Timer for Friday Night
3rd race #6 SACRED CAMP slow but steady breezes for top bred colt. The big fav #5 will be following this one from a distance!

Live Long Shot for Thursday at Arlington
9th Race #7 LA MONEDA ML 15-1 Went 7-8 wide last time and exploded to the lead in 40K maiden claimer last race. Needs to move up to handle these but might be worth a bet. Betting the 2-7 in...

good explanation of a race
Many aspects in understanding require that one break down a complex idea into it's relevant parts. The problem with this is that the whole is often forgotten (can't see the forest for the ...

Vile Spammer is Now Posting JPGs of his Mother! Not Even One Subscriber in 6 Months!
Life is cruel! Very Sad.

Singles personals dating dating . srevices singles personals dating . srevices singles dating ...

Picks for Thursday, July 12
A few picks for Thursday. And, granted, I'm taking some shots after today's big Pick 4 hit. Monmouth 1: 5-Smart Halory ... Not one of the shots. Looks to be much the best. <...

Going on the Assumption 'I Can't Lose them All' Today's Pick is.....
8th Arlington $10 win on #6 GREEN DOOR and a $9 Double 6/9 #9 horse is a first timer with great works. Same jock Razo rides both horses.

War Emblem: "I Don't Like You Like That"
From The Blood Horse After five frustrating years of trying to coax dual American classic winner War Emblem into p...

where have all the cowboys gone? apparently to the buffet with paula cole
what a fatty...

That Grey Haired Guy Watching THAT Movie 'Cinema Paradisio' Was ME!
Real MEN Cry Sometimes! I Cried like a sissy lib watching "Yankee Doodle Dandy" but it was always "Cinema Paradiso" that caused ME the WOLF to cry! Patriotism! Wolf fads away to "Spy Smashe...

Christmas 1943 Broadcast on NBC! To All of OUR MEN in SERVICE!
Bob Hope emcee as one would expect. Jimmy Durranti was there! Frances Langford! Kay Keiser! Jerry Colona was there, Bing was there!, a feed back to Glynn Miller! in England. But Bob Hope wa...

The Wolf AKA Spy Smasher, Drops the BIG one on KISSAMEE GLITTER in the 6th at Colonial!
Suggest others avoid! Odds will be un-real at the start. Some men Stand Tall! Others cower. The Wolf is not one of 'them!'

The Last Man Standing! Alone! Will be George W. Bush He will NEVER Capitulate nor Surrender!
And History will surely hold him in favor for his GRIT! Americans Love a WINNER! Liberals resign to DEFEAT easily. They have no inclination to fight for MY Country the U.S.A.! They hate Amer...

2 Plays for Colonial Tuesday
1st race 5/7 Exacta Box 6th race #3 KISSAMEE GLITTER ml 6-1 to Win.

Non toxic?
Many outriders and several jockeys in Toronto are wearing masks when out in the fiber and wax race track. Do they know something first hand that others don't? more reports of the "kick bac...

Four for Tuesday
Philadelphia 5: 1-This Elusive Lady ... Chalk, but nothing there capable of beating her. Philadelphia 9: 5-Espial ... Will be even chalkier, but obvious class of race. Colonial 6: ...

Colonial Long Shot for Monday
5th DUANE STREET ml 15-1 Stretching out today. Long shot jock wins at a price!

Lone Star 7th First Time Starter
#7 PONI COLADA ML 4-1 Bred for the Turf. Dam has classic turf runners all over here pedigree! Sir is Cryptoclearence. sp? Looks the class of a mediocre field off breeding and works alone. ...

Finding false favorites
Anyone know a good way of finding false favorites?

Perfect Day Yesterday! Played 3 1st Timers
2 scratches and 1 winner, Cherokee Triangle $6.20

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