Speed or Breeding?
Many racehorses post very fast times in claiming races; then run the same distance in much slower times when moved up in class to stake races. Do thoroughbreds instinctively slow up and foll...

Highest Odds and Best Betting Service
PartyBets online sports betting - the world's leading betting offer, best odds, infoworld, livescores and more ... Home Right Now Live Scores Results Sports ... You can now get 100% up to 30...

Tampa Play for Tuesday
10th race MOVING ON THE WIND ml 10-1 will be about 7-2 bad jock Rocco

Forced to go Back to IE Browser! 5 Days in Cyber Hell!
Mozilla was not working. Couldn't download pp's or see replays. Solution was to restore Dell back to out of the box new. Anyone out there still using IE is a moron. IE is worse than ever! Af...

Lisa DeLeeue Lisa DeLeeuw Lisa DeLeuew Lisa Deleeuw
http://www.charloteweb.com/cyberbeg/free-money http://www.charloteweb.com/cyberbeg/free-money Lisa De Leewu / Lisa DeLeeue / Lisa DeLeeuw / Lisa DeLeuew / Lisa Deleeuw / Lisa Deleuw / L...

xpressbet revisited-still as bad as ever
I have not used them since Derby day but wanted to play FG yesterday which is not available on youbet. I forgot my pass code. Went to the part that said "Forget pass code?"

Horse Photos

James Rugman Jamie Rugman Jamie Smith
http://www.charloteweb.com/cyberbeg/dollar-experiment http://www.charloteweb.com/cyberbeg/dollar-experiment The Passions of Carol (1975) .... Bob Hatchet Night After Night (1975) B...

ALL of This Will be Gone Tomarrow!
Wolf will be searching for THAT Last Auto theatre! "The Last Picture Show" kinda my stuff! even toe 'pool' party! The Wolf Suddenly Retreats to Miami! Sonny and Ricardo need another Cop! <...

The Wolf Transversing into Yesterday! Nudist Mags! Auto theatres!
But to be serious, Motown music is STILL alive! Stylistics maybe the best! Wolf remembers TV in the late 50's with my dad! Seems like many girls liked Liberace an obvious fag but women love...

The Wolf Longs for One more Dance! 1000 Dances Before were Not
Yes! Good memories BUT Not enough! The Wolf needs more TIME!

Your Next First Lady Ann Romney! Nice and Pretty! wish I could post a
Almost! Mitt is CLOSE! Just more time needed BEFORE! Mitt and Ann move into the White House! Bush 41 and Barbara are Close friends with Mitt and Ann. CLASS and INTELLIGENCE! 5 Sons! All Goo...

Wolf Loose AGAIN! Stones Playing 'Jumping Jack Wolf!' who in the
Good Memories! Good smells from the fairer sex Good EVERYTHING! Good movies! Good weather here in Florida! Good Wake Ups! Good Teatley Tea! Good HOT showers! Cool mornings when no one else ...

Wolf at Dade County Lock Up Posting AGAIN!
Within 10 minuets Wolf becomes a Friend of ALL and is granted 'Special Attention" or Privileged Status. Wolf allowed on the Net! Here in this Hole for malcontents and fools and now my quarte...

Near Riot at Calder!
Race 10 was held up about 12 minuets as track security had to restrain and cuff one irrate player and escort him to the holding area for further transportation to the Dade county jail. Play...

Tampa 4th Today
Starting the day off with #10 PORTICIPATION

AQU not available at CA tracks on Sat.
Anyone know why?

Polytrack- widening schism
Right up front, I do not like Polytrack, yet do very well at Woodbine since it is a very atypical version of the synthetic surface, not that much changed from the old dirt surface. <...

Fair Grounds Thursday's Delusions!
8th CUSH 7-2 9th EXHORT 9-2 10th TRUELYONBROADWAY 5-2 Pic 3 Bet only.

Question for Anyone?
Yesterday I liked a 1st time 2yr old in a 50K maiden claiming race at TP. Horse scratched. Did the trainer know the horse was going to be claimed if they ran it? Horse was well bred and had ...

Visiting many horse racing websites, I continually get a hoot out of the database boys. You know the ones who's COMPLETE knowledge of a race course is from the computer never having once g...

This Is For all of You Old Guys Out there! Remember that first Date?
IT's Alright! Just get Me out of here! AUTO THEATRE Coming! A really nice summer night! stars are shinning! And I got my girl for awhile! Thank GOD! She's with Me! And not any of those GREAS...

This Is For all of You Old Guys Out there! Remember that first Date?
IT's Alright! Just get Me out of here! AUTO THEATRE Coming! A really nice summer night! stars are shinning! And I got my girl for awhile! Thank GOD! She's with Me! And not any of those GREAS...

Weren't those Girls Pretty in High School? Wolf Drops his Pencil to
And CHEERLEADERS! I remember them well! And a passing FEEL in a Crowd. always the tale! A life of LUST and Desire! Wolf ALWAYS had trouble sleeping! So many images running rampet in my smal...

Is Hillary's Butt TOO BIG for Ronnie's Old Oval Office Chair? Some
Seems to me that it's NOT likely her ENORMOUS buns will ever warm Ronnie's chair! Butt TOO Big! Libs look elsewhere! Maybe that Muslim guy? Small behind! TOO small for RONNIE'S old Chair! Li...

Overheard at the Dog Track
Who'd you bet? Nothing, they wouldn't take my bet. Why not? I wanted to bet on the rabbit!

Woodbine Computerized Race Feedback: How far did Every Horse Actually
This is about jocks who go WIDE on the turns! OR! How many lengths does a horse lose if it goes 6-7 wide? Especially the Last turn for home! Woodbine is the only track that does this. Others...

Probably Some Winners Here? Tampa Bay Tuesday Card Picks
1st race pass 2nd race pass 3rd FLY TO TAMPA obvious play! 4th AWESOME ILLUSION will lead late 5th IRON ID Keeneland works 1st timer 6th UNFOLDING WISH odds on for good...

hey wolf...was there ever a horserace track in vegas?
i cant find any info online, but was talking to a vegas native that says there was..

Fair Grounds Play for Sunday
WILD SUNDAY 9th Race 4 good works at FG Looks ready.

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