Derby winner gone
Winning Colors was euthanized this week. Big strapping gray will be missed. Tim Yatcak

Shades of Canonero?
The winner of the Peruvian Derby is nominated to the Triple Crown. Over at, Bill Finley has found a mystery horse among this year’s 448 Triple Crown nominees.

Having spent the last several months working at a harness track (a totally new experience for me) I am really learning how much the driver makes up in the team that is racing. O...

Life is Not a Hollywood Movie! It's REAL! Sometimes NOT So Good! But
Wolf confused at this point! Maybe too many cheap beers! Could be.

A River Runs Through My Mind
And better sunny days! Blue Gills will do. No release and let go here for sure! No better eating fish than the oft disrespected Blue Gill!

A River Runs Through My Mind
And better sunny days! Blue Gills will do. No release and let go here for sure! No better eating fish than the oft disrespected Blue Gill!

A Bank Robber Robs Banks! An Actor Acts! A Fly Fisher Throws the Line
No need to talk about it or try to dissect every word from any debate. This IS LIFE! Love it or leave IT! The Lord has given ME another day! I will enjoy it! HE gave me EVERYTHING! LIFE it's...

Now for Oaklawn! Today is a Canada Woodbine Day! Take Heed Players
9th TURF WAR! Too tough for these future claimers! 10th This one is much tougher for sure. Trainer is trying to make a Storm Cat bred distance winner into a sprinter! Tough! TREASURE HUNTER ...

FG 6th Lucas Street backed down to 1-1 Odds! Almost an Overlay at
I was hoping for 7-5! Results coming in 7 minuets.

Menopause Hormone Bounce
Women who are experiencing irregular periods, night sweats and all the other lovely symptoms that go along with menopause may feel they're doing a crazy dance called the menopause hormone bo...

Oaklawn Sunday Plays
6th Diamond Daze 8th Air Lord 9th Eight Bells

Saturday's Picks
Tampa 10th Fierce Wind 6-1 Turfway 11th High Blues 8-1 Turf Paradise 9th Miss Pravda 10-1 Laural 10th Control Systems 5-2 pick but odds too low to bet Santa Anita 7th #4 High Ex...

Wolf one or 57
Wolf, Instead of posting 57 straight one liners why don't you just put them all on one page? Seems like the smart thing to do. Then we would just have one thing to delete instead of 57....

the propaganda horse
Beyer latched onto the single quarter performance off a pedestrian pace of Pyro and it touting him like the second coming of Silky Sullivan. Too soon for that. Tim Yatcak <...

Bill O'Reilly KILLS Lib A-Hole Oberman in the Ratings! 3-1 on Many
Fox RULES at 8pm EST or 7pm here in the panhandle!

When All FAILES The Wolf has SPYSMASHER My Best Friend!
Spy Smasher! Just another guy? Tough and strong man.

Morricone Something RIGHT Here! Enjoy the Master!
The Very Best Composer of OUR Time!

Wolf the Cope NEVER Scared or anything Like that! No Cop I ever knew
Scared? Never! Until IT'S OVER! WE ALL go home!

The Wolf Proposes for More LIFE! Please Jesus give Me More TIME!
I wouldn't know what to do in YOUR House and Your Fathers House But YOU Made ME the FOOL I AM This IS such a Beautiful planet I call "HOME" Thank YOU for every Breath of life here! it's been...

Zorba the Greek Yet Another Wolf Like Character!
NO woman should EVER Sleep alone! "It;s a shame for every Man!

The Wolf Sneaks Into to Yet Another Auto Theatre! Now Playing "Teen
Cuties expected! NO PORN! for sure. Every porno a-hole HATES GIRLS/ WOMEN! NO Sluts and WHORES needed here in Wolf Land! Porno spammers ALL fall down! just posting their Mothers spreading th...

Your Help Needed to Get a 'Hollywood Star' for this Real Classic
If Snoop Dog has a "star" surly this actor deserves one too! Go to

SA 6th Race
Pick 3 11-5-3

Make Free Bets No Cost Ever
Make Free Bets No Cost Ever

FG 5th Race Tri Paid $130,774 Yesterday-Monday
134-1 won followed by 2 other long shots. Numbers were 11-9-3 Tri Pool was only $87,000! Computers are stupid!

The Green Monkey retired
Loss of about 15,000,000 dollars on this one. Was an also ran the first time, the second time...etc. NEVER showed a bit of competitive spirit. Ego of owner bigger than the ...

Great Races Today at Ocala! Betting for Sure! But on the Sly
the mere fact that bris has the PP's tells me betting will be going on. Some how.

Wolf on Stage with NO Audience! My Worst Day Over and Over AGAIN
Anybody OUT there?

George Jones My VERY Good Friend! All of you Boys with nubs in Your
THE WOLF Prefers The KINKS! No Dems Need apply! NUBS! and Pointees! More pointees! Little Ones! With a SMILE! Ponytails Little blonds!

Thank God and Greyhound she's Gone!
My next will be about MY fav GEORGE JONES! And The Claissic "HE STOPPED Loving her Today!

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