28 Oct 2003 12:19:02
Ender on ToT

First off, I would like to thank the staff and organizers of the
tourney. It was run very smoothly with no waiting time between games
and also fast and accurate scoring. I would recommend this tournament
to a friend.
This tournament really surprised me. Truth be told, I had us pegged
at 2nd (this is why I don't do predictions anymore). But there wasn't
a team that placed above us that didn't deserve it. So as I learn a
lesson in humility, congratulations to everyone, above and below.
This tournament was BY FAR the most fun I have ever had losing.
Great teammates, great competition, and just a lot of fun.
Tulsa- Wow. I didn't even know you guys won until I got back. I
would have stayed if the downloads were even remotely accurate. Black
dragon, you're right, I did have a little Déjà vu on that ramp. I
think the results were much of the same as last year as well…well,
except for the whole you beating us this time. Sickle, Goddamn, you
used to be on my list of up-and-coming players. Now you're on the
elite list. AMAZING performance, and a well deserved win. You are
truly an asset to your team. Falcon, sorry I didn't talk to you much,
but great job. Hollow Pt, I still don't understand what you do. But
then, I suppose if I did, I might have won iNAC…whatever it is that
you do, great job. Mankind, always a pleasure to fight another tall
person…non of them in Denver.
Untaggables- I'm glad we got to play you guys in this tournament, as
opposed to Austin. And yes, we got raped, but it was fun. I love
playing teams with all god-players, and a team with NME, Lollypop,
Caprisun, Laz, and Sid is DEFINITELY an all God team. The worst part
about you guys not winning this one is that I'm sure part III will
have a vengeance at Wichita. And that's fucking scary.
Team Distruktor- I doubt I spelled that right. Oh well.
Congratulations…again. RRR…that's literally two tournaments in a row
were you have just barely edged Clone and I out of the finals. Come
on! We work hard for that! Andrea- I need to stop talking shit to
you before these games. That gets me in trouble every time I play
you. Great job though. Since I've started playing, you've gone from
"one of the best girls" to "one of the best." Excellent performance
and congrats on third. Ryan, great job, although I didn't talk to you
much this tourney. Showtime- I had no idea the kind of scores you
were putting up until I went into the party room and looked at the
stats. Fucking incredible…Congrats to uleb and ‘Mo as well.
Lincoln- Well, I was hoping for finals, but I definitely had one hell
of a time playing you guys in the consuls. I was pretty sure we would
beat you with the red packs, but it wasn't quite enough to offset the
first two games. Congrats on fourth, you guys earned it. Pretender-
Definitely a class act. Definitely one of the best out there, and a
great attitude about everything. Back when I was first playing side
tournaments, I remember you as the guy to always congratulate me and
just show all around good-sportsmanship. Brum- Good talking to you
this tournament. Good job on that little run towards the end of that
tower game. I don't know what happened, but damn, you must have score
a lot in those 45 seconds. Way to go! Infester- With out a doubt,
you are one of the best of the best in this game. You literally move
faster that anyone else I've seen, and yet you are still accurate. I
can't even follow you with my eyes, let alone my laser. I was talking
about that to your teammates outside after the games, and they said
playing you is like skeet shooting. The only way to hit you is to
shoot ahead of you and hope you run into it. Lol. I'll keep that in
mind for the next tournament. Amazing performance. Oddjob- Even
though I think you won by quite a bit, I had a lot of fun in what
00fatboy dubbed "Tall goofy-looking battle of the century." Certainly
not the type of quest I get a chance to play everyday.
Austin- Great playing you guys in the semis. 00 Fatboy, always a
pleasure. You had some really impressive score this tourney. And all
I have to say about that second game is…damn you. RRRR…Chasing Ender
is not nice at all. And I loved some of your names towards the end.
Daydream, you're an incredible player. Good getting a chance to
finally talk to you
Parastacks (my team)- Well I would have hoped we would have done
better, and it's always a heart-breaker when we come that close to the
finals. Playing with this team was an honor and a privilege. Clone,
it's always a pleasure playing with you (what are we at, like 6? Sure
seems like a lot more than that). Aunt Lou, you are amazing. We were
very lucky to get you on our team. I'm looking forward to playing
with you again. Mules- What can I say? Out of every player in the
south, I respect you two the most. You're both incredibly talented,
and all-around great guys. Like I said, it's an honor to play with
you guys again. Kevin, you are an excellent leader, you know what to
do and how to get it done. Saturn…Goddamn, you score a lot of points.
Well, I hope I didn't let any of you down. This was a mediocre
tournament for me. Not my best, and not my worst.
Everyone else who I didn't mention, you rock.
I'll definitely be back next you. Blacky and Hollow pt., give
yourself a back on the back for an excellent tourney!

-"The Paramule"
-3rd Place in ToT, Lincoln 5M, Michigan 3M and Austin 4M
-Western Regional Champ, NAC Champ, and Vegas 5-man Champ