07 Apr 2005 11:44:17
The Baron
LASERTRON World Championships Updates

Visit www.lasertronworldchampionships.com.

$10,000 in prize money will be shared amongst the winners of the
LASERTRON World Championships in Buffalo, NY. To play for the money,
you must first participate in a Regional Tournament. You don't have to
win the regional...just play.

We have added several new regionals. Dates are TBA. There will be
regional tournaments in:

Louisville, KY
at Renaissance Fun Park

New Rochelle, NY
at New Roc Fun House

Milford, CT
at Smiles Entertainment Center

We now have 11 locations for Regional Tournaments.

In addition, Space City Laser Tag in Webster, TX (Houston Metro Area)
has scheduled their Regional Tournament for June 4th at 7 pm.

More dates to be announced soon.

Jason Bock