28 Aug 2006 01:45:54
To Dr. Snoogee - If You're Out There...

So a long long time ago, back before I knew what bills were and had no
wife to create said bills, I played lasertag. Actually, I played A LOT
of lasertag. Since I was employed at a lasertag site, it seemed like
the thing to do. Well, years passed and I grew tired of the game.
With the passing of my interest in lasertag came the passing of my
interest with this newsgroup. However, a few nights ago I was googling
my own name, just to make sure I wasn't a registered sex offender or
anything, and I found an old post I had written in 1997. So for the
last few nights I have been reading things I wrote before I could
drive, as well as taking in the responces to my own trash talking. I
will now get to the point, and tie the subject line into my rant.
There were 3 kinds of people I talked to on here. People I worked with
(many of whom I still know personally), people who played at Photon
down the road, and this person from Myrtle Beach with the alias
Dr.Snoogee. I talked to one of my buddies about this, and he told me
we met her during a road trip to play lasertag at Myrtle Beach.
Although i'm sure this is true, as I remember the trip, I don't
remember anything about this person. So if you are still out there,
reading this newsgroup for whatever reason, let me know. My teenage
years were filled with too much drinking and not enough sleep. I'm
pretty sure this is all in vein, but after reading all these posts I
had to try. Also, anyone else who feels the need to contact me, please
do so.

I played under the names "God" and "Rebel-4-Life", and my real name is
Dave. I worked at Shadowland in Columbia, MD from 1997 until 2003. I
used to have a Mohawk, although any further discussion of this is not
welcome :) Take care lasertag world - I miss the time before life
caught up with me.


P.S. I am not writing this from prison, an insane assylum or any other
place that may discourage people from responding.