29 Jan 2004 03:45:10
an OKC scrub
Wichita 3-Man

Everyone who is planning on attending should start thinking about deposits.
The deposit deadline is February 17th (yes, I know Lincoln is this weekend).
The total team registration is $100, with the deposit being a minimum of

Get your team registered ASAP! This tournament has the potential to be even
better than last year. Saturn and I will be in the house to marshall, once
again :) We plan on improving on any kinks that we experienced last year
and making this one of the best tournaments ever.

I mean, name another tournament where you can play 9 prelim games in a sweet
maze with some of the best players around? My point exactly.

Saturday, March 6th (into Sunday)
2120 N. Woodlawn
(316) 652-9500

Be there.

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