14 Apr 2005 04:09:59
World of Warcraft online unlimited beta tester accounts starting at $20! And never Pay Again.

Tired of paying over ten dollars $10 every month to blizzard just to play
their game now you don't have to.

I have access to an account creation tool Created by a disgruntled Blizzard

For only $20 twenty dollars I can set you up with a six-month account and
for $50 fifty dollars a lifetime subscription (Blizzard only sold these to
beta testers!) to World of Warcraft online.

I am only selling a limited number of Unlimited accounts and I expect them
to go fast so grab yours today!

I accept paypal

My site can be found at <http://thischeck.com/warcraft.htmcolor=#0000FF> >

Because of the questionable nature of these subscriptions I have them listed
at Silver and Gold “Guides”

The silver Guide = 6 six month subscription to World of Warcraft online

The Gold Guide = unlimited lifetime beta tester account to World of Warcraft
Be sure to include a user name and password!

Leave 24-72 hours for email delivery

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