Everyone gets 3 guesses :)
http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame41.html Can you name that NG poster? -- *$pam* LQ Brampton Two points better than you!!!

Baron + LilBaron to Big D
I will be returning to the place of my birth around Thanksgiving. Me and the junior version are looking for some tag either Sat. Nov. 21 in the evening or afternoon of Monday Nov. 22. Who's ...

ToT Info----?
Hey. I've searched all over lqarena.com & the news groups tryin to find out when the tournament starts & I havent found anything. Is it 11:00? or Midnight?! Thanx BlackBat <...

MI five man needed
i think i want to play...who wants a team...i think ringmaster wants to play to, so if anyone wants a two pack, get ahold of me... AIM:gxlxhxc casper Email: [email protected]

UnTAGables NEED 1 more!!!!!!!!(Daydream??)
the UnTAGables need 1 more player for TOT- Colombo can no longer go so please reply if you are interested- i will post up the "winner" in 2 days or so- sorry for the short notice- ATTN: DAYD...

Lasertag locations in Northeast Ohio
Hi, ive been playing LQ for a while now, and am starting to get interested in other lasertag systems, esp. Q-Zar and LaserTron. Ive heard that there is a Q-Zar location in Cleveland, but can...

Another WC (World Challenge)
alright folks ive been talking with the people from swindon and they say that we should bring our asses to swindon for another WC so that they can whip our asses........i dont really know ho...

Memphis Tournament - Hotel/Details
All details about the Memphis River Rumble Tournament (including hotels info, team rosters, etc) on November 15 can be found at: www.memphislasertag.com

Who's the "TOP" female LQ player in the land? or should that be "HOT" ?
Okay. enough of the fast, fat, people in LQ. Which team has the"TOP" / "HOT" female player of all time? or is that not possible?

Mountain View Trip...
Yup. Me and my woman will be in San Fran the weekend of Thanksgiving. We are staying at an over priced hotel downtown on Kearny St. I was hoping to maybe hit up a bar one n...

Fu's Hotel Party/Poke Game?
Fu....I think you said you would gladly get the hotel suite this time around for Vegas. Are you still doing that? Me and Nick can't float that bill again...it's your turn. Let us ...

Vegas Travel Money Saving Info???
Yea, Just curious...anyone out there know of any websites or if they have a cool travel agent that can get sweet deals on flight / hotel packages & group specials for Las Vegas i...

ToT Rosters as of 10/16/03
Well, OKC drew random teams for ToT, and now our rosters our finally complete. Since there is no longer a ToT link on the Memphis lasertag page, I thought I'd (re)start this thre...

Top lists by regions
my top 20 or so from each region im grouping the west/and south cuz of my limited experience against them east Kyle Quija Action Nemesis Gaspacho VIC ...

Biggest DICK of all time
You tell me WHO you hate. I HATE Solo he's a cocky bitch. lol ...... But wait that's why he's my boy. solo give me a call man . later Slaughter house

NG signatures
Is there a way to make a signature that stays on your post instead of always typing it? ElBoRrAcHo

Best in the West registration
The 10th was the deadline to register teams for BITW. However, because only 3 teams were registered it got pushed back. Money isn't due yet but if you're going to BITW call Spokane and regis...

A Cool Stat
Playing the role of Malice (and in the interest of trying to spice up the NG), I noticed a cool Phoenix stat that I wanted to post because I was feeling proud today: No other team...

Visitors to Buffalo LaserTron....
If anyone ever plans on visiting the Buffalo LaserTron, just post here or e-mail me and let me know. Give me at least a couple weeks notice and I'll see if I can't get some people there...

LaserTron Buffalo Tournament support?
I tried getting a little quick and simple tournament set up in buffalo a couple months ago. Unfortunally plans fell through. I'm curious.. should I be able to set someth...

ToT Who still wants team??
If there is any soul that still wants to play ToT just because its one of the coolest tournaments around let me know so we can get a full team together. Looking for a couple more players.

online sport betting
Expekt.com is an international bookmaking group with business and betting licenses in Malta, UK and Austria. The company was founded in 1999 and has the overall goal to be the leading ...

LaserTron Modes Played in Buffalo...
There are many various Modes that LaserTron plays, and the Buffalo Location plays them all at one time or another. All the modes can be played in either arena on either pack type. ...

TOP 25 fastest Players
THIS WOULD BE A HARD LIST BECAUSE THere are sooooooo many fast players ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I AM THE FAS...

New Sports Site!!
I wanted to take a few moments of your time to check out an exciting and NEW sports website. We are currently focusing on New England Prep Schools but will soon be expanding NATION WIDE. Che...

LaserTron Elimination Game?
Has anyone here ever played an elimination game? If so what location and what were your opinions of it? Thanks LTE Shadow

Top 25 players that should have never found the NG
1. Whirlwind 2. SuperSayan -- -Goof! Mule 1 of 3 Golden Twinkie '03 2nd Wichita 3-man '02 3rd Lincoln 5-man '01 3rd ToT '02 4th Michigan 3-man '02

Top 25 players that just stand there and let you tag them
1. Daydream 2. thats all i got so far... but feel free to add to the list. uleb

Once Again....3rd Greatest Team EVER??? and beyond....
well i started this topic before this past NAC and it seemed pretty split between Houston and Westland...and duh it's pretty unanimously denver and phoenix at #1 and 2 i think now...

Sorry Malice??:(
I'm sorry the Denver Broncos will have to got into Minnesota. 5-2 after 7 weeks is still pretty good though.=> LAZ

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