Don't Be Late!!!!!!
Vegas 5 Man (Saturday): captain's meeting: 9:30pm 1st game: 10pm Poker game (Friday): Shuffle up and deal at 8pm - be early! Happy New Year! <...

Vegas LQ Directions
In case you don't know where it is, go here: 0 0 7

Vegas 5 Man - Alexis Park Room #
here's my cell phone # 714-310-6796 call it after 5 on friday, and you'll find out what room number we're in. don't forget your poker face! -- ~Papajorgio ...

Playoff Predictions
Titans, Panthers, Packers, & Colts. All winners this weekend. -- -Goof! Mule 1 of 3 Golden Twinkie '03 2nd Wichita 3-man '02 3rd Lincoln 5-man '01 3rd ToT '02...

Vegas 5 Man - Shirt orders.
if you did not provide a size, you're getting either a L or XL beena - 1xl hydrogary - 1L tack - 3xl/1xxl/1L kyle - 1xl pun - 1xl chow - 1xxl curly - 1xl ...

Turn $15 into $100+
Play the NL Hold 'em tournament this friday at the alexis park. show up at 8pm. if everyone that wants to play shows up, the top prize will be pretty large.... br...

a TRUE Prediction...
LSU Tigers > OU Sooners - nuff said! Yes, I know I have to deal with the fact that 2 Oklahoma fools are on my team this weekend, so it will be nice to laugh in their ...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

testing my signature........

i need one of your guys phone numbers so i can get ahold of you on friday. shaggy

LQ's 1st Annual Vegas Poker Tournament
In case you've been living under a rock, LQ members from across the nation are holding the 1st Annual Poker Tournament in Vegas. What: No limit Hold'em. $10 buy-in, $5 entry fee. No re...

2004 Vegas 5 Man - THIS WEEKEND!!!
UPDATES: Papajorgio has contacted the center, and there are a few spots still left for the Vegas 5 Man. If you are planning on going, but haven't signed up yet - you might want to...

Mid-America Challenge Website
The MAC Website is up! You can register your team, check out the format, and look at the hotel deal we have lined up. A Free-agent system will be im...

LQ Atlanta - May 2004?
May 2004 is the opening date for LQ Atlanta from what I hear. If anyone gets an exact date please let me know. -- Frozen Shade The PULSE Laser Quest Nashville

ATTN:Hollow Pt
John, unfortutely cherrybomb can no longer go to vegas- colombo capri and i are still going but we need a 5th now- if you know of a good player that doesnthave a team you can invite them- so...

The Night Before Christmas (to LQ, From Loaf)
TWAS the night before christmas, and all through LQ..... Not a creature was stirring, cause they're all fuckin newbs..... With me in my spikes and Austin in red, i had just sa...

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house Everyone felt shitty even the mouse! Mom was at the whore house, dad was smoking crack I just settled down for a nice piece ...

Vegas 5 Man - Teams confirmed.
As of Christmas Eve, we have the following teams signed up listed by most recognizable and their states, in the order of my predictions for final outcome. psp*s ca, az 0 0 7 ...

Vegas 5 Man - Teams Confirmed.
As of Christmas Eve, we have the following teams signed up listed by most recognizable and their states, in the order of my predictions for final outcome. psp*s ca, az 0 0 7 ...

To :Laser Quest World
Want to wish everyone out the and merry and a safe Christmas and see you soon ~Jigga~ Lq Mexico

Double-O Santa Says...
Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel Feliz Navidad Sing Dan Fae Lok Frohe Weihnachten Hronia polla kai eytyhismenos Idah Saidan Buon Natale Meri Kurisum...

Just What We Really Wanted For Christmas!
Hi all, Advanced Laser Tag (finally!) opened the doors on October 17, 2003 in Kansas City. A couple of months late (and significantly over budget, but we got there). S...

Vegas 5 Man - Poker Party: Dealer Update!
I have one dealer locked in for a table. i'm prolly gonna need one or two more if you guys don't want to self deal. anyone interested in watching people get drunk and pissed as t...

Superbowl Predictions...
Kansas City Chiefs: 21 Dallas Cowboys: 17 That's right. 0 0 7

Drag-On (Tulsa)
Hey man. U still need me for the Lincoln!? Black Bat

Nightclub lighting?
Hello, what is the best lighting for laser tag? Do you consider night club type lights (rotating color patterns) in a dimly lit area to be too distracting for laser tag? Are static lights ...

Vegas Question (21+)
hey this is mike from richmond 2. My codename is izip. I found out last night im comin to vegas with alex (action) and jordan (voltage) and kyle from rochester and staying with them and ouij...

Slaughter can no longer go to vegas so if anybody wants to play with Darkangel,blueflame, sifumo and twiztid let me know ASAP. blue

How to diffuse the fog from a fog machine?
Hello In a reserach project, I want to pump fog from a fog machine into a large box, then diffuse the fog as fast as possible. I hope there exist certain simple (non-toxic) chemic...

Lincoln 5-man, who's coming?
Format/Info: January 31st, 2004 5 man teams 2 tower lock with 3 teams per tower (towers 2 and 3 for those that have played in Lincoln before). 2 second downtime 95 hit...

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